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ZOOM Bible Atlas
Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1) (Retail) (ATLASBIBPR)

Publisher: Logos Research Systems


A Completely Interactive Biblical Atlas

Now, you can select any time-period in history and design and build your own maps to include just the details you specify... and watch biblical history unfold before your very eyes.

You can create, print, or export maps of your own design which will be more accurate and contain greater detail than have ever been available before. With Logos Bible Atlas, you will discover new perspectives of biblical geography, ministry routes, mountains, valleys, cities, villages, and countryside as they have never been able to be seen before in history.

The Logos Bible Atlas stands alone as the most advanced Bible mapping software ever created. Logos maps can also be exported to your favorite Windows based word processor, desktop publishing, or presentation software, etc.

Logos Bible Atlas is a comprehensive electronic Bible atlas. It features more than 90 subject maps covering the entire scope of biblical history, as well as two highly detailed geographic site maps (of Palestine and the Mediterranean region) and a 3D topographical map, built from satellite databases.

Site maps are completely configurable. Create custom maps from the database of more than 1,000 sites, organized by 10 time periods, with user-defined levels of detail. Calculate distances with a simple mouse-click and drag. Detailed articles form Inter-Varsity Press' New Bible Dictionary and other sources are included for every site. The 3D topographical map of Palestine can be freely rotated and labeled with site locations.

The Logos Bible Atlas creates beautiful output in full color or clean gray-scale images - and it comes with a limited license to reproduce the maps! Exported maps may be edited in any paint or draw program.

Key Features:

All maps are completely scalable and in color - zoom in up to 64x

Geographic site maps feature ancient and modern sites, national boundaries, rivers, coastlines, topographical data, and more

More than 90 hand-drawn subject maps from Lion Publishing's Bible Mapbook illustrate Bible events

Maps can be printed and exported in color, gray-scale, or black & white

3D topographical map of Palestine can be rotated in any direction

Find any biblical site instantly

Includes two new TrueType fonts - Scholar and Logos Map Symbols

Begin Your Own Exciting Journey Back through Time with this Powerful Bible Atlas Software

In the past Bible teachers and serious Bible students had to rely on supplementary reference works in book form, now you can access and use these electronic reference works easier than ever.

Now instead of having only a few static maps in the back of your Bible with very limited details, the Logos Bible Atlas brings the geography of Bible lands to life before your eyes as never before. Now the best of these resources are available to you in far more convenient form in the Logos Bible Atlas.

Now you can literally create your own maps featuring whichever specific details you want to study or present. You can make each map as simple or as highly detailed as you desire for your purposes.

You can even examine how biblical lands appeared at different times in history... or gain a three dimensional perspective of the topography of the land of Palestine, viewing the area from the north, south, east or west.

The Logos Bible Atlas is much more than just another set of maps. It is a true atlas through which you can discover the places, people, battles, and events that shaped history... all tied together.

This is exciting new technology. It is a serious research tool which you depend on for accuracy... in both razor sharp vector graphics and thoroughly researched historical facts about bible lands. Because, with the Logos Bible Atlas, you can not only zoom in closer and closer to see details visually, but you can also click on any site name and instantly open a window displaying detailed information about each site.

Logos has harnessed the newest and best of modern technology to give you more capabilities on your desktop computer than have previously been available on large, mainframe computers. You can zoom in like a high definition camera to explore Bible lands in close detail with striking, unprecedented clarity. And, you can hypertext-jump to the corresponding site information as it is found in the comprehensive New Bible Dictionary, which will allow you to instantly research thousands of ancient and modern Bible land sites.

Data generated maps of Palestine and the Mediterranean area allow you to design your own layered maps keyed to specific periods of history.

Three dimensional wire frame grid displays which can be rotated to give you the perspective and reference points you choose.

Ninety beautifully artist rendered thematic maps illustrate and describe Bible events.


Windows 3.1/95/98 - 2 megabytes of memory and a minimum of 8 megabytes of hard disk space. A mouse is strongly recommended.

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