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ZOOM Atlantis
The Lost Tales
Sold Out (Win95/98 Only) (Retail) (ATLANTLTPR)

Cryo Interactive Entertainment / Interplay


ESRB Rating: Kids to Adults

A Thrilling Opportunity to Explore A Desperate Challenge to Survive

Travel in time and step into the world of Atlantis, a civilization rich in wonder and sophistication. Reigning over an island of peace and plenty is queen Rhea. Her reign is secure - or is it? Find the truth by entering the life of Seth, the young hero of this mystery that unfolds over five continents. Live an adventure of epic proportions, whose outcome may well decide the fate of this fascinating universe of visual intensity, fantastic machines and unpredictable people.

360º first-person view on both the horizontal and vertical axis producing stunning 3D game sets.


  • OMNI-3D proprietary technology provides complete freedom of vision
  • Spectacular award-winning full-screen 3D graphics: millions of polygons per game set
  • Character animation features motion capture and OMNI SYNC lip-synchronization technology
  • 3D sound: hear danger before it gets to you and act accordingly


  • 50 characters that you can talk to
  • 5 fascinating destinations, each with its own culture and mysteries
  • A wide range of fantastic technologies to be understood and used
  • An advanced, sophisticated civilization, marked by intrigue


  • Challenging game play with intricate game sets and life-like dialogue characteristics
  • Over 2,200 lines of dialogue
  • Hundreds of objects to be manipulated, exchanged and activated
  • Wide range of puzzles and games
  • Original soundtrack recorded on acoustic instruments


Windows 95/98 Only: Pentium 90 (P133 recommended), 16MB RAM, 2MB free on hard drive (100MB recommended), Windows 95 compatible mouse, quad speed CD-ROM drive (8x recommended), DirectX-3 compatible sound card (16 bit recommended), 65K color (or higher) graphics card.

There are ways to run this game on Windows XP but they are quite difficult. We don't advertise this as an XP product and Dreamcatcher says it does not work on XP but if that is your only choice, please see the following:


Computer Shopper, December 1997

"Few tales from childhood are as compelling as that of the lost city of Atlantis, or the idea that its inhabitants may yet be living somewhere in the bottomless depths of the ocean. In Atlantis: The Lost Tales, a new adventure from French developer Cryo Interactive, that world takes on new life thanks to outstanding 3-D graphics and an emotional, evocative soundtrack.

"You assume the role of Seth, companion of Atlantean Queen Rhea. Shortly after arriving at the palace, you find that the queen has been kidnapped. Despite an official investigation, a malevolent plot is afoot - one that is likely being perpetrated by those close to the throne. As you might expect, it's up to you to unravel the political machinations of the queen's enemies and even some supposed allies to restore Rhea to her rightful place.

"You may find this to be a difficult task - not, however, because the game's puzzles and challenges are too difficult to be solved. (Most, in fact, are fairly rudimentary for those accustomed to the find-the-hidden-object style of many graphics adventures.) Rather, you're likely to be thwarted by the stunning, photorealistic quality of the graphics, which can entice you to stray from your mission and just scroll from one location to the next.

"The game offers five continents to explore, each with its own culture, sytle, and obstacles. Further enhancing the game's visual impact is a proprietary 3-D techonolgy which Cryo calls Omni 3D; it offers a 360-degree, first-person perspective for looking up and down.

"As you move through the game, you'll meet 50 realistic but strange-looking characters to whom you can talk - an endeavor that may be slightly disconcerting, thanks to technology that synchronizes the characters' lip movements with their voices. Adding to the game's overall appeal are a variety of fantastic machines and inventions, along with a compelling score and realistic sound effects that accurately capture the game's mood.

"The only thing that really prevents Atlantis from earning an A-plus is the now-familiar object-oriented approach used by many graphics adventure games. Most of the time, you need to find a hot spot, locate the hidden object, then trade or activate the object to move to the next scene. And in marked contrast to the interesting characters you encounter, Seth lacks any real spirit, moving through the game in a straightforward, uninspired manner.

"Despite these few shortcomings, Atlantis: The Lost Tales is a must-have title for fans of the graphics adventure genre, and substantive proof that the legend of Atlantis can be as compelling as ever."

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