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ZOOM Asterix & Obelix
Take on Caesar
$29.95 (Win95/Win98) (Retail) (ASTERIXPR)

Publisher: Cryo Interactive


Relive the Adventures of Asterix & Obelix

Take control of your favorite cartoon heroes in totally addictive tests of action and reflex that will push your nerves to the limit and have you coming back for more.

Take on the ranks of legionnaires, the formidable Roman catapults and the unforgettable fish fights in levels of ever increasing difficulty and don't forget... a good dose of magic potion will make you fly.

Based on the film directed by Claude Zidi, screenplay by Gérard Lauzier, adapted from the work and characters created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo.

The Invasion of Great Britain!

Julius Caesar's dream is just a sword's reach away, but he needs more sesterces to pay the legions. As a result, all of Gaul is charged a tax... All? Well, not quite! A small village of invincible Gauls is still holding out against the invaders.

Meet all your favorite heroes and characters from the film Asterix & Obelix take on Caesar. Relive the best moments from France's most successful movie of the year by playing the role of Asterix or Obelix! Run, jump and clout the Romans in the same magnificent scenes as the film... Get to the heart of the action and put your skills and relexes to the test. Fight trap-door spiders in the circus arena, chase Roman soldiers under the orders of Caïus Bonus and set free the druid Getafix who has fallen into the hands of the terrible Detritus...

Impossible? There's no such word in this part of Gaul! Choose your difficulty level and don't forget... A good dose of magic potion will make you fly! Pay the Roman's tax? By Toutatis, these Romans are crazy!

The Fish Fight
The traditional Gallic brawl breaks out in the famous village's marketplace. "Your fish isn't fresh!"... "Yes, it is!"... "No it isn't!" With that, the fish start to fly all over the place: left, right... Watch out! From above! Oops, you slipped!

A Feast for the Hungry
In the marketplace, Asterix & Obelix's friends are about to feast. It's time to devour the traditional roasted wild boars. The banquet guests are famished and start to beat on the table to demand their meal. Tied to his tree, the bard is not allowed to sing.

Caesar's Catapults
In the forest surrounding the invincible Gauls' village, the Romans are on the lookout. They have hidden two catapults and Caesar's legions are launching giant rocks to crush you with!

Gathering Mistletoe
In the forest where the Druids meet to hold counsel, Getafix is being held prisoner by Detritus, commander of Caesar's legions. Bundles of mistletoe fall in the sacred clearing... You've got to grab them...

Circus Games
In the arena, the Romans are hungry for action! You'll have to take on the trap-door spiders, crocodiles and the elephant under the deceitful eye of Detritus, commander of Caesar's legionaries.

The Race for Unicorn's Milk
The Roman soldiers have managed to force open the main entrance to the Gallic village and a terrible battle ensues. High up in an attack tower, Detritus is holding a pot of Magic Potion. He tries to give his soldiers the potion to win the fight raging in the background. In front of him, high up in a tree, Getafix pours out a few drops of Unicorn's Milk which give you double power.

Terrible Testudos
In the plain that separates the Gallic village from the Roman camp Petibonum, Caïus Bonus launches a charge under Caesar's watchful eye. He sends out testudos of Roman soldiers to invade the Gallic village. But Asterix & Obelix are on the lookout. They must save the village at all costs.


Windows 95/98, 2 Mb SVGA graphics card supporting 65000 colors, mouse, sound card, DirectX 6.1 (supplied on the disk), 100 Mb available on the hard drive, 3D card, and a system compatible with DirectX 6.1.

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