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ZOOM Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess
Sold Out (Win95/98, MacOS 7.0-9.2) (Jewel Case) (ASHLEYCHDJ)

Simon & Schuster / Davidson / SelectSoft Publishing


Ages: 10 and up

For Beginning and Intermediate Players

A Complete Teaching Tool AND a Full-Featured Chess Program

Master the grandest board game of all through the innovative coaching of one of the highest-ranked International Masters. Experience, one-on-one, world-renowned Maurice Ashley's proven method for creating tournament champions. Learn to excel at every facet of the game, from basic moves to advanced strategies, with this next-generation, multimedia teaching program. Maurice's trademark use of sports and other real-life analogies brings the game of chess to a lively new level. And through extensive video coaching, interactive challenges, and progressive exercises, your playing will reach a whole new level, too!

First, learn everything you need in order to think and win like a seasoned player...

Maurice teaches you chess in a fun and non-intimidating way - from beginning moves to advanced strategies

Thousands of fast-paced, interactive challenges sharpen your game skills and board visualization

Interactive video coaching prepares you to play killer chess

Classic Master Games - analyzed with our exclusive "video chalkboard" feature - put you inside the minds of chess masters

Learn strategies you can use to slam-dunk your opponents

...Now, practice and play with these exceptional features:

Five 3-D-rendered sets of chess pieces and thematic boards

Adaptive chess engine that assess your ability and challenges you at your skill level

Intuitive user interface and controls, including customizable play level, tournament clock, and expert help

Import and export of games in a variety of formats.


Windows: Window 95/98 or Windows 3.1 or higher, 8MB RAM, 33 MHz 486 or faster, 256 color SVGA graphics, double speed CD-ROM drive, hard drive and mouse, 8-bit Windows compatible sound card, printer optional.

Macintosh: Motorola® 68030/25 or Power PC™ computer with 8MB of RAM 256-color graphics with 14" monitor System 7.1 or higher Double-speed CD-ROM drive 19 MB free space for hard disk install


PC Gamer, December 1996

"If you're a beginning or intermediate chess player, there's no better program for learning or sharpening your game. Maurice Ashley, an international chess master, chess event announcer for ESPN, and the world's highest-ranked African American player, hosts and coaches throughout this well-designed program."

"This program is clearly too elementary for serious chess buffs, but as a tutorial and game for those who aren't yet money players, it's the best product of its kind. It's clarity and language also make it easy enough for ages 10 and up."


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