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ZOOM Arx Fatalis
Sold Out (Win98/2000/ME/XP) (DVD Case) (ARXFATALPR)

Publisher: JoWood

Ages 15 and Up


B+ from Just RPG

Arx Is The Name!

The name of an underground urban environment where your special experience will begin, in the realm of medieval fantasy.

Be prepared to penetrate a world where the sun has slowly retreated and completely vanished. A world taken over by an unfriendly and threatening atmosphere, imposing the exodus of Arx inhabitants to the obscure meanders of a dwarf mine in order to survive. There, they had to become acquainted with an unusual neighborhood, among goblins, trolls and ratmen...

The resurrection of codes and rules as once established years ago on the surface has given rebirth to racial conflict. There is no escape since the forbidding cold on the other side of the double fortress gate of Arx is enough to dissuade the bravest of souls. While you become familiar with this nowhere land, evil is casting its shadow upon Arx : Akbaa, the almighty god of Chaos is determined to live on Arx . To nourish his undisclosable goal, he is plotting with a priest, Iserbius, a dedicated believer whose secret cult provides the vital energy through human sacrifices and incantations essential to his coalescence with Akbaa on Arx.

Fortunately, the kingdom’s astronomer discovered key elements of this secret cult and managed to alert the regency of Gods before being mysteriously slaughtered. Persecuted, you wake up in a Goblin jail in which the walls covered with dried blood are an obvious sign little hospitality to which you don’t subscribe.

You have just escaped this tormented hell when the king invites you to go and meet with the Guardian sent by the regency of Gods.


Many quests and sub-quests to complete

Innovative gesture-casting system with 50 powerful spells based upon 20 runes

Wield over 20 crushingly powerful weapons

Hundreds of characters to befriend or murder.

Massive underground world to discover and explore.

Free Bonus CD Features:

  • Exclusive Arx Fatalis Screensaver
  • Exclusive Arx Fatalis Wallpapers
  • Exclusive Behind The Scenes materials
  • Playable Demos
  • Promotional Trailers


Win98/2000/ME/XP: Pentium III 500 MHz or faster, 64MB RAM (256 reccomended), 750 MB free hard disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive( 8x CD ROM recomended), 16 bit Direct X 8.0 compatible sound card, 16 bit color DirectX compatible 16 MB video card (32 MB recomended).


Just RPG by Eric Arevalo

"One who plays in the world of Arx Fatalis will admire how it pays homage to classic RPG's such as Ultima Underworld. Presented in a first-person perspective, Arx Fatalis brings an interesting story, an intense interaction with the game world as well as other engaging features. Recently published by JoWooD Productions and developed by Arkane Studios, Arx Fatalis will please RPG gamers in many ways."

"Arx Fatalis is an RPG worth your time if you can overlook some of the problems. For one, the graphics engine used for the game while being able to display some interesting visuals is very dated when you compare it to recent RPG games... I do not like the spell system as well. I know that they wanted to try and introduce an interesting way to cast spells but it is tiresome to have to repeat specific patterns when it would have been so much easier to just cast a spell by clicking on it... There is light at the end of the tunnel though. I have to admire the fact that the developers of Arx Fatalis are trying to fix certain bugs and problems with the initial release and implement some additions to the game as requested by fans through patches, the current which is 1.15 and can be downloaded at the official site. If you can overlook these problems, you will find an RPG that while not being at the level and quality of other RPG's released this year will still enchant you. You will discover in Arx Fatalis an RPG that will welcome you with its story, intense interaction with the environment and many intriguing puzzles!"

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