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ZOOM The Operational Art of War II
Elite Edition - Modern Battles
Sold Out (Win95/Win98) (Retail) (ARTWAR2EPR)

Publisher: Talonsoft

Game / Strategy


93% from PC Gamer

The Ultimate in Operational Level Combat!

Modern history has shown that world peace is a fragile and rare commodity. Decade after decade, our fighting men and women are called upon to put their lives on the line in the name of freedom. From the dense jungles of Vietnam to the burning desert sands of Kuwait to the rugged Kosovo countryside, the fight for peace goes on.

Now, TalonSoft puts you at the heart of the battle for freedom with The Operational Art of War, Volume II: Elite Edition. The most realistic and exciting operational-level wargame on the market to date, The Operational Art of War, Volume II: Elite Edition allows you to tackle some of the toughest battles of modern history. Lead your troops on thousands of bombing runs through the skies of Iraq in Operation Desert Storm, cross into the DMZ during the invasion of Vietnam, or battle through deadly killing zones in war-torn Kosovo. You'll need the heart of a soldier and the mind of a general to succeed; the fight for world peace is in your hands.

Special Features:

25+ exciting historical and hypothetical scenarios spanning the globe including the '68 Tet Offensive in Vietnam, war in the Middle East, and a "what-if" US Civil War scenario set in the year 2008!

Unique Event/Political editor enables you to trigger events that will cause other historical and hypothetical situations to occur.

Massive equipment database, containing hundreds of real-world weapons, tanks, planes, and more.

Adjustable unit scale ranging from individual companies to entire corps of 40,000 men.

Flexible, full-function map, unit, and scenario editors.

Supported play modes include Human vs. Computer, Human vs. Human via Hot Seat, and Play-by-Email.

Includes Flashpoint Kosovo Battlepack


Windows 95/98: 100% PC compatible, Pentium 133 or higher, 4x speed CD-ROM, 16MB RAM (32MB recommended), Microsoft compatible mouse, 16 bit high color SVGA graphics, Windows compatible sound card.


PC Gamer, September 1999

"TalonSoft's The Operational Art of War II is true bliss for hardcore wargamers. Well-balanced scenarios and a powerful editor ensure that this one will have a long life and please event he most demanding grognard."

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