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ZOOM Norm Koger's
The Operational Art of War #1
Elite Edition
$19.95 (Win95/98 Only) (Retail) (ARTWAR1EPR)

Includes Original Edition and Battle Pack 1


Game / Strategy

RSAC Advisory: Violence (Damage to Realistic Objects)

Command Any Battle of Any War from 1939-1955

The Operational Art of War Vol. 1 Elite Edition covers all modern warfare from 1939 to 1955, including all of World War II (such famous battles as the Fall of France, The German invasion of Russia, the Allied invasion at Normandy, and the US Marines at Iwo Jima) and the Korean War (the initial Communist attacks in 1950-51; the battle of the Chosin Reservoir) - plus hypothetical conflicts like Patton vs. the Russians in 1945, a 1948 hot war over the Berlin Airlift, and NATO vs. the Warsaw Pack in Europe during the early days of the Cold War.

Create any battle of any war that occurred between 1939 and 1955. The game scale can range from individual companies of men to whole corps (40,000 men & equipment) and from 2.5 miles per hex to 50 miles per hex. This flexibility is second to none for an operational level game.

This Elite Edition of The Operational Art of War: Vol. 1 1939-1955 includes the Battle Pack 1 scenario add-on disk to give you 33 complete scenarios right out of the box, each of which other wargame publishers would sell as an individual game.


  • Full-function map, unit, and scenario editors
  • Expanded Event/Political Editor
  • Historically accurate scenarios and maps
  • Hypothetical "what if" scenarios
  • Massive equipment database, containing hundreds of tanks, planes and equipment
  • Stunning 16 bit high color graphics in both 2D and 3D modes
  • Adjustable unit scales ranging from individual companies of men (about 120) to entire corps (40,000 men and equipment)
  • Variable map scale covering battlefields from 2.5 km per hex to 50 km per hex
  • Play Modes include Human vs. Computer, and Human vs. Human via Hot Seat and Play By Email


Windows 95/98 Only: Pentium, 4x CD-ROM drive, 16 MB RAM, mouse, 16 bit high color SVGA graphics, sound card.

Does not work on Windows XP.

Note: This product may delete itself completely right after you install it. The only way around the problem is to turn off your computer after it copies all the files, right at the point where it stops to ask you about registration. You will then need to create your own shortcut and can then play the game normally.

We are not certain if this bug exists in every box that we have in stock but it may. Try to install it normally the first time and if it doesn't work, use our suggestion above.

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