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ZOOM Virtual Art Museum
Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (ARTMUSPR)

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Publisher: Zane / JC Research Inc

Reference / Art & Painting

History Comes Alive Through the World's Greatest Art Treasures

Blending history and art, this inspiring series provides an eyewitness accounts to centuries of human drama and artistic expression.

An Art Museum on Your Desktop

Explanation Page shows up when you select an answer in the quiz modes with may words linked to the encyclopedia

View mode enables you to see over 650 pieces of art in full screen with a full Multimedia presentation and the ability to print it in full page mode.

Questions relating to the subject of the art can be found in Question mode, which helps you reinforce what you have learned.

In the Feature Presentation mode, you can click on any part of the graphic for a detailed description of your selection.

Text mode provides in full detail, a description of the selected piece of art and terminologies.

Using the Question mode, you can challenge the computer and reinforce your knowledge of fine art.

Feature Presentation which automatically begins to play a forty-five to ninety minute continuous multimedia program.

The Renaissance

Explore the riches of the Renaissance, the golden age that rediscovered the greatness of Greco-Roman art and reintroduced to Western civilization the wisdom of Aristotle and others.


Immerse yourself in Romanticism, a turbulent, yet heroic era, that began with the French Revolution. Learn how the art of Romanticism expressed a fundamental change in society.

The Pre-Modern Era

You'll identify the characteristics of Realism, Formalism, Impressionism, Expressionism and Art Nouveau. Examine the bold, hasty brushwork and sketchy backgrounds of Impressionist masterpieces.

The 20th Century

Witness the revolutionary developments in art and music that occurred at the beginning of the 20th century, and learn how those changes continue to influence how we view the world.

Features and Inclusions:

American Concise Encyclopedia:
What is `cubism'? What does `Renaissance' mean? The American Concise Encyclopedia shows 15,000 entries of art terminology.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary:
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary will give you a definition of a word while you are still running the software.

Reference Materials:
Clicking highlighted words will link you to supplemental reference materials.

Art Trivia:
Over 650 challenging interactive questions and their explanations are provided with automatic quizzes.

Gift Set includes 6 Miniature Masterpieces and a Wood Easel


Windows 95/98:


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