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ZOOM Archimedean Dynasty
Sold Out (DOS/Win95) (Retail) (ARCHIMEDPR)

See the sequel: Aquanox

Blue Byte

Game: Action

Difficulty Level: Intermediate


4 1/2 stars from Computer Gaming World

9 out of 10 from Computer & Net Player

Humanity Ends Where the Deep Begins...

The all consuming darkness has your battle scarred submarine in a vise like grip. As you navigate your sub through enemy waters, the only thing that protects you from a cold and premature death is six inches of solid steel. As if life itself 5700 meters below the ocean's surface was not difficult enough, the threat of impending conflict is about to challenge your very existence...

In the distance a glimmer of light pierces the darkness and shock waves begin to roll your craft. An unknown object is descending upon you. Systems indicate... "Torpedo!" Act immediately to avoid destruction. Lock your sights on the incoming torpedo. Release a Ripper Missile. Dive! Dive! Dive!

Your skill has saved you, but will you be as lucky the next time?

Submerge yourself into a world of corrupt conglomerates, fanatical cults and cut-throat pirates. Assume the role of a man who knows no fear, Emerald "Dead Eye" Flint, a mercenary whose reputation precedes him.

Your life is in danger and the very future of mankind is at stake!

Have you got what it takes to rise to the challenge of saving what is left of the world below the surface? If so, then be prepared...humanity ends where the deep begins.


Amazingly fast SVGA 3D vector graphics engine in 65,000 colors

Over 60 deadly missions to get your heart racing

Command 4 different ships and equip them from an impressive arsenal of over 30 weapon systems

Advanced AI puts your tactical fighting skills to the ultimate test when you engage in combat against extremely intelligent and cunning enemies

Stimulating storyline lets you interact with over 100 characters using an Advanced Dialog System

Sountracks which draw you right into the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere and tension of challenging missions

Underwater motion simulation with drifting and currents to make you feel like you're actually at the helm


IBM PC or 100% compatibles, 486 DX4/100 precessor or higher (P90 or better recommended), VESA or PCI Bus graphics card (resolution 640x480 pixel, hi-color 65,000 colors), 8MB RAM (16MB recommended) and 35MB hard drive space, MS DOS (version 5.0 or higher) or Windows 95, double speed CD-ROM drive, Microsoft compatible mouse (joystick recommended). Supports SoundBlaster compatible soundcards.


Computer Gaming World, April 1997

"With witty and intelligent banter, an ocean of playability, sim-like vehicular controls, and a convincing submerged environment, Archimedean Dynasty is a winner on most every count. I did experience some problems when runing the game through a Win 95 box, but with a straight DOS load and operation, it smoothed right out. This is the real underwater action game that the sci-fi sim/action crowd has been waiting for."

Game Power by Peter Olafson

"This tutorial quickly blossoms into an enjoyable undersea spin on the Wing Commander ethic: submarine missions divided up by interactive story sequences in which you learn "the ways of Aqua" and cobble together a living. That's necessary to keep your initial low-end ship supplied in the splendid array of available weapons and equipment. (Get far enough into the game and you'll be able to program two on-board turrets to do your bidding. It's like having two wingmen on board.) That, in turn, allows you to survive the game's nastier surprises. The interface is simpler than the game itself, and you never quite know where a mission is going to take you.

"That's a big plus. The combat sequences, typically organized around waypoints, offer extensive but manageable controls, a flight sim-like heads-up display and satisfyingly murky first-person view of the detailed 3-D ships and installations that dot the sea bottom."

Computer & Net Player, February 1997

"Blue Byte's Archimedean Dynasty ranks on my top-five list of 1996's best games because it strikes an almost perfect balance. It's a great game with a deep (both literally and figuratively), entertaining storyline."

"Archimedean Dynasty is a pleasant surprise, and it deserves a top spot on your game shelf. If you like sci-fi, action-based combat simulations such as Wing Commander and Tie Fighter, you'll find a gem in Archimedian Dynasty. There's no FMV or star power, just involving, addictive gameplay wrapped around a great story."

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