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ZOOM The Amistad Incident
$9.95 (Win95/98/3.1) (Retail) (AMISTADPR)

Mystic Seaport / Cinegram Media Inc.

Reference / History

A Journey to Freedom....a Story of Heroism

The Amistad Incident is an exciting interactive experience focused on an important event in U.S. history that tested both the laws and conscience of America. The CD-ROM covers the Amistad saga from beginning to end in a way that cannot be accomplished in linear media. It recreates the mood and turbulence of the times with accuracy and sensitivity. It allows the user to:

Examine Amistad and its unique role in American history
Experience the events that led to the rebellion at sea
Understand the problems of sailing Amistad after the takeover
Witness the Amistad's capture by the U.S. Navy
Sit in on the U.S. Supreme Court trial
Peruse the extensive Amistad library

Easy and Exciting To Use!

  • Compelling subject matter
  • Exciting Challenge games
  • Hundreds of rare illustrations
  • Interesting interface screens
  • Full program narration
  • User-activated Perspectives and Interpretations
  • Captivating Mende music
  • Numerous search-and-play tools
  • Comprehensive Amistad library
  • Easy, mouse-controlled navigation
  • Special Effects

Exciting Interactive Experiences and User Challenges

The Amistad Incident CD-ROOM brings information to life in a compelling way. It provides interesting experiences in history, language, geography, law, government - and life during the turbulent 1800's.

The Mende World Visit the world of Sengbe Pieh (Joseph Cinqué) and some of the other Africans who ultimately became part of the Amistad odyssey. Learn about the Mende culture in an interactive way.

The Passage Witness the events involved in the turbulent journey from Lomboko Harbor, where the Gallinas River meets the Atlantic Ocean, to a destination half a world away.

Cuba Cuba of the 1830's was highly dependant on the economies of the slave trade.

La Amistad Join the Voyage of La Amistad, a Spanish vessel that transported Sengbe Pieh and 52 other captives to Puerto Príncipe. See how the captives broke free, took over the ship and tried to sail home.

Trials See first hand what happened to the Africans after La Amistad was towed to New London, CT by the U.S.S. Washington, and how the legal battle unfolded.

A Capital Case Observe the legal struggle of the Amistad Africans, their supporters and attorneys as they challenged the U.S. legal system in their quest for freedom.

The Voyage Home Follow the freed Amistad Africans through their experience in America before returning home, their passage back to Africa, and the resumption of their lives.

The Challenges

Exciting hands-on challenges help build the user's understanding of the Amistad odyssey while providing important perspectives on this significant period in history. Included are challenges to perform, tasks similar to those which confronted the historical figures, an opportunity to speak Mende and interesting history-based games.

  • Timeline Builder
  • Knowledge Quest
  • Mende Language

Requirements: Windows 3.1 or higher, IBM compatible with 486/66 processor or higher, 12MB RAM (16MB recommended), 2x speed CD-ROM drive, 8 bit display (256 colors), 2MB of RAM on video card, Sound Blaster compatible sound card, 17MB to 27.7MB hard disk space.

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