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ZOOM America
Sold Out (Win95/98/2000) (Retail) (AMERICAPR)

Publisher: Data Becker


Animated Violence


Remember How the West Was Won? It Won't Help you Here!

America, a new real-time game of strategy from DATA BECKER, will take you straight back to the days of the Old West. The time frame is 1820 to 1890, back when the West was still a rough frontier.

You will experience this era from the perspective of Indians, Mexicans, Americans, or a gang of desperados. At that time, no country better exemplified the spirit of progress and change than the United States. As the flood of European settlers into the country increased steadily, so did conflicts with the native Indian tribes and the Mexicans to the south. The struggle for gold, land and power was underway.

With superior graphics, advanced artificial intelligence, and new features not found in any other game, America depicts the lifestyle and architecture of 19th century America with stunning authenticity, and sends you back in time to test your wits and challenge your will. Whether you want to reenact a major historical event or start from scratch and try to build your own village, America covers it all. Supporting to to 8 players, including network play, it is the only game of its kind that gives you the means to reshape the landscape of American history.

This is your country. This is your game. America: Love it - or level it.


  • Four different peoples with completely different skills in the struggle for survival, supremacy, power and riches. Over 30 missions, divided into 4 campaigns.
  • 20 different multi-player maps for up to 8 players.
  • A real taste of the Wild West between 1820 and 1890, with authentic structures and units.
  • Historically researched story line, including the Battle of Little Big Horn and the fight for the Alamo. Many of the major battles between Indians, Americans, desperados and Mexicans are based on historic events.
  • Units can mount and dismount horses. You can decide whether you want to raise, capture or steal horses.
  • Indians can swim and use camouflage.
  • The units’ combat strength depends on their morale.
  • Automated trades let you concentrate on exciting battles and strategy skills.
  • Historic offense and defense information.
  • Units return to formation if they are scattered.


Windows 95/98/2000: Pentium 266 MMX (Pentium 300 MMX recommended), 64 MB RAM (128 MB RAM recommended), DirectX 7 compatible hardware, 350 MB free hard disc space (650 MB free disc space recommended).

Character Groups


“Sir! Cavalryman Bones reporting as ordered, sir! The stagecoach has been robbed again. It’s the third time this month, sir. If you don’t mind my saying so, Sir, we’ve got a disaster on our hands. We’re fighting the Mexicans in Gonzales Canyon to the south. And last night the Indians wiped out the whole company at Apache Pass. The troops are in urgent need of supplies! The last shipment of Winchesters never arrived. I’m afraid the Indians are using them to shoot at us now..."


"...Now back to you, my young friend. Let’s get one thing straight: I’m the boss around here, and you do whatever I say! Got it? Good. Man, the stories I could tell you… Why, there was that time just last week when we raided the bank in Dodge City. You know, they actually thought we’d let them live! Big mistake. But the sheriff, he was persistent to say the least. Chased us for three days, choking on our dust. Then, on the fourth day, he choked on our bullets. Didn’t taste too good, I imagine. Go fetch me a whiskey, kid!..."


"...Amigos, our future lies in your hands! And God willing, I, el presidente de la nación, am the man who will lead you to meet this future. A future where fear no longer holds sway. Ay, amigos, you will no longer have to fear tomorrow, or banditos, or gringos. No, they will be the ones who fear you. And do you know what will replace your fear? Faith, amigos!..."


“Many moons ago, before the palefaces came, enormous herds of buffalo roamed the land of our fathers, and the red man lived in peace and harmony with the Great Spirit and nature. The white man’s greed for the yellow metal drove us from the hunting grounds of our ancestors and brought sickness and death upon us..."


'A solid graphical package, seamless animation, and solid music' - Michael Lafferty, GameZone

`A little undiscovered gem called America .. is definitely worth a look' - Chris Kramer, Daily Radar

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