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ZOOM American Conquest
$9.95 (Win98/2000/Me/XP) (Mini Box) (AMERCONQPR)

Publisher: GSC Gameworld / CDV



from The Adrenaline Vault

Play With Fire! Conquer America!

In the year 1492, you travel to America as Christopher Columbus and light the spark that will kindle 300 years of heated battles for land, riches and freedom. In eight historical campaigns spanning 42 missions, you will play the part of great legends such as Pizarro and Washington and will delve into epic real-time battles with use of up to 16,000 soldiers on 3D landscapes. Utilize new technologies, unique weaponry, improved fighting units and the dangerous world of diplomacy. Play with fire! Conquer America!


  • Epic real-time strategy with historical background
  • Captivating real-time mayhems with up to 16,000 units
  • Era between 1492 and 1813
  • 42 versatile missions in 8 thrilling campaigns e.g. Pizarro's Expedition, the War of Tecumseh, the Seven Years War, the American War of Independence
  • 6 historical battles in multiplayer mode
  • 9 separate single player missions
  • 12 different nations and tribes: Spain, England, France, Aztecs, Incas, Mayas, Sioux, Delaware, Huron, Iroquois League, Pueblos, USA
  • 100 different units and 106 buildings
  • Tactical formations for infantry, cavalry and artillery using officers, drummers and standard bearers
  • Realistic artillery with gunner squadrons from transporting and loading cannon up to the effects of detonating cannon balls
  • Fight morale is influenced by victories, defeats, food supplies, equipment and mercenary pay
  • Apart from wide range attacks, all shooting units can fight with swords and knives (Cold Steel Attack)
  • All buildings can be attacked, occupied and defended by troops
  • Fortresses, forts and log cabins provide defensive advantages; units can also be accommodated and trained there
  • Map Scaling: Pressing a single key gives an extensive overview of the fighting action through a special zoom perspective
  • Huge maps (30x20 screens, 1024x768 pixels) and fascinating landscapes in four different climatic zones
  • Detailed animation of all movements such as loading weapons, etc.
  • Intricate diplomacy system, you can obtain warriors and raw materials for reasonable prices through e.g. an alliance with a neutral tribe
  • Natural environment can be used strategically: caves as hiding places or ambush starting points, hills extend the shooting range
  • Multiplayer mode for up to 7 players via LAN or Internet: Deathmatch, historical battles, automatic championship system and global rating system, War For America
  • Detailed random maps in various sizes and with manifold settings for unlimited gaming fun
  • Distinctly improved AI


Windows 98/2000/Me/XP: Minimal: Pentium II 450MHz, 64 Mb RAM, DirectX 8.1 compatible video, 1.3 GB Hard Disk space, 12x CD-ROM, Sound card, DirectX 8.1

Recommended: Pentium III 1 GHz, 256 Mb RAM, 16 Mb Video RAM, 1.5 GB HDD, 24x CD-ROM, Sound card, DirectX 8.1


The Adrenaline Vault by Rob Beschizza

"Some developers have a knack for picking intriguing subjects. The Ukrainians at GSC certainly fit that bill with their Cossacks series of real-time strategy games. Their new release is just as unique, offering nothing less than a chance to rewrite the founding events of the modern West, beginning with Columbus' footfall and culminating in the American Revolution three centuries later. The many refinements to the Cossacks formula include a complex morale system, even bigger epic battles and a host of European and native factions. Furthermore, GCS have eschewed the recent trend toward 3D soldiery and fantastic scenarios, favoring historical realism and complexity over technical wizardry."

"American Conquest's combination of base-building and epic battles is a good one, if not a great one, and deserves the attention of any RTS aficionado. Rich, detailed visuals and effects impart life and atmosphere to the New World theme, and gameplay demands both strategic planning and tactical skill. Its mechanics translate well through the various modes of play, ably presenting scripted missions, pitched battles and online skirmishes. On the other hand, pathfinding and micromanagement issues highlight American Conquest's overcrowded interface. A solid production, American Conquest stands at the pinnacle of its genre."

The Wargamer by Jim Cobb

"...For those who played any of the Cossacks games, rest assured that the campaigns and introductions are much more polished and clear now. The producers obviously invested more time and money in their translation to English as well, to the point that many of the campaign intros can be used confidently as educational tools. A few are a bit on the lengthy side, but they are all well done."

"...Much more interesting is the inclusion of eight indigenous nations including the Aztecs, the Mayas, and the Iroquois. American Conquest shows their unique units and buildings with interesting depictions of their variety."

"This game's 3D graphics are outstanding, with magnificent outdoor scenes and great constructions of Mesoamerican temples. Waterfalls have a National Geographic quality and are beautifully fluid. The unit icons are well animated, with the usual health bars and rather irritating floating morale comments ("It's a slaughterhouse!") can be toggled off and on. Of particular interest is the animation of cannon crews loading and firing their weapons. Some of the European forts, fortresses, and buildings seem oversized, but after some time playing feel more appropriate. Sound is fine with good music, marching feet, gunshots, crackling fire, and other battle sounds."

"American Conquest is a significant step in the maturation of RTS games. Its play now balances resource management, town development, and combat into a fine historical balance. Can it be played as a typical "build-and-rush" exercise? Yes, but only if players consciously choose to do so. If an opponent chooses to utilize the games finer points, adherents to the old ways may be punished harshly. The pace is still a bit fast when compared to the accuracy of a turn-based or WEGO system, and my heart still belongs to turn based games. However, I'll keep American Conquest in mind when I'm in the mood for a well-honed, sophisticated RTS."

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