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ZOOM Amber Journeys Beyond
Sold Out (Win95/98 Only) (Retail) (AMBERJPR)

Hue Forest Entertainment

Difficulty Level: Easy


A+ and A- from Just Adventure

4 stars from Computer Gaming World

4½ stars from Strategy Plus

Death Is Not the End

Journey into the unknown, exploring supernatural realms of extraordinary beauty and haunting elegance. Unravel mysteries hidden within compelling stories of heart-rending tragedy, mind-numbing obsession, and child-like innocence.

With incredible attention to detail, Amber: Journeys Beyond is completely unlike anything you have ever experienced. Touching on the supernatural in ways seldom explored, Amber: Journeys Beyond exposes you to an existence well beyond our own, while grounding you in familiar realitites which serve to starkly contrast what we see and hear with that which lies hidden to our senses.

Through a combination of amazingly life-like images, subtle environmental sounds, compelling soundtrack, and thoroughly developed characters and stories, Amber: Journeys Beyond will completely immerse you in the experience of several lifetimes.

Elegant, Versatile Interface

Over 250 Spectacular Animations

Stunning Photo-realistic, 3-D Environments

Intriguing Characters & Compelling Storyline

Real-world Ambient Sounds

Digitally-Recorded Original Musical Score

On the Haunting Edge: Exploring Life After Death

Unorthodox Scientist takes on the Ultimate Mystery

BOSTON: At first glance, the office of Dr. Roxanne Westbridge, founder and CEO of Bio-Psi Technologies, looks like any other high tech office, with tons of computer equipment and cables flowing around the room.

On closer inspection, however, its easy to see there is one big difference. Instead of developing hardware that crunches numbers or creates pretty pictures, Dr. Westbridge, or Roxy as her employees call her, is developing technology that she hopes will give us some of the answers about life after death.

While it may seem unorthodox, this foray into the unknown is the latest step in a company history that has been filled with sucessful eccentricity.

(See Haunting Edge, page 3D)

Welcome to the realms of Amber: Journeys Beyond. Explore an old Victorian house with a dark and mysterious history. Unlock the secrets of the past using the latest in high-tech paranormal tracking equipment...and experience in-depth encounters with the supernatural. Prepare yourself for an unprecedented journey into worlds beyond, where the rewards are great...and the risks are even greater.


Windows 95/98 (Only!) on an IBM or 100% compatible 486DX2/66 or faster (Pentium recommended), 8Mb rAM (16Mb recommended), high-color (16 bit) video card, 15Mb of free hard disk space, CD-ROM drive (4x recommended), sound card.


Just Adventure by Jenny Guenther and Ray Ivey

Jenny: "...But this game literally took my breath away. In retrospect, I can't believe I hadn't played it yet--I have had it for at least a year and kept passing it by because it looked like some metaphysical exploration/know yourself kind of junk. But no, it turned out to be a horror game extraordinaire. ... The tension in my computer room was palpable as I played this game. I kept having to take breaks because the walls were closing in on me, I was feeling little breezes blow through my hair (turned out to be the heater), and I kept hearing noises. This story is thick with atmosphere and manages to be sweet, sad, horrific, terrifying, and believable all at once ... it's a real ride on an emotional roller coaster. ... In conclusion, if you want a horror game without gore (there is the teeniest amount of blood but it's on people already dead and not at all disgusting) that truly will cause chills to run up and down your spine, I recommend Amber over any other that I've played in the horror genre." Final Grade: A+.

Ray: "...Believe you me, at this point you very quickly realize that Amber is not your average haunted house game. What makes the difference? First of all, instead of cheesy "scary music" a la Shivers, Amber bravely foregoes any traditional soundtrack at all. The only sounds you hear are 'real life' sounds. Therefore, entering this silent, dark house that you know good and well is haunted is literally a hair-raising experience. Each footstep on the wooden stairs, each creak of an opening door or slide of a drawer, each chirp of a cricket, makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. ... Amber has beautiful graphics and an elegant, uniquely chilling atmosphere. However, it is short and may be too grim for some players. That being said, this one is a must-play for those in need of an elegant scare!" Final grade: A-

Computer Gaming World, April 1997

"With an emphasis on storytelling and spooky atmosphere, Amber: Journeys Beyond succeeds where almost every other Myst clone fails..."

"Maneuvering through Amber is a snap with the game's stylish, unobtrusive mouse-driven interface. The minimalism of both interface and on-screen inventory puts the focus of the game where it belongs - on the unsettling environments.

"And what environemnts they are. The designers wisely opted for ambient sound instead of a full musical soundtrack, and the effect is outstanding. Hushed wind, the low thrum of machinery, and pained creaking of floors make the sense of isolation and loneliness on Roxy's estate much more palpable than that awful cross of Yanni and John Tesh that plagues other Myst-influenced games."

"Amber is a good game troubled by questions of what might have been. If gameplay were only half the quality of the rest of the game, Amber would've been a real standout. Gaming novices can add a half star to this game's rating, since they are most likely to enjoy all that Amber has to offer. More seasoned gamers...well, they can drop a half star or, better yet, buy Amber for a newbie friend and watch over their shoulder. Odds are they'll see a personal style and vision seldom seen in the realm of Myst-like adventures."

Strategy Plus by Chuck Klimushyn

"Somewhere back in Introduction to Art 101 I remember learning about something called minimalism. The art of minimalism implies using the least amount of a chosen medium to convey the maximum emotional impact. Amber is so good at using understated effects to scare the pants off the player, it could well end up being required study in colleges across the country!"

"Amber parallels the story development of the best horror and mystery novels. The game will oh- so-slowly increase in tension and suspense. The player will feel the knot in his stomach grow as events unfold, much like a mainspring being wound ever more tightly. By the time I actually had my first encounter with the home's posthumous residents, the gasp I let out was almost a welcomed relief..."

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