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ZOOM Alone in the Dark
The New Nightmare
Sold Out (Win95/98/2000/Me/XP) (Retail) (ALONEDK4PR)
Original Large flip-cover US box.

Publisher: Darkworks / Infogrames

Blood and Gore / Violence


B+ from Just Adventure


It's What You Fear!

Edward Carnby and Alice Cedrac are about to face their worst nightmare! out to avenge the murder of their friend and colleague, Carnby and Alice arrive on Shadow Island only to discover that it is held in the grip of an evil force.

Now they must uncover the clues to help them reclaim three ancient tablets before the ultimate terror is unleashed! Confronted by menacing creatures and unspeakable horrors, will they survive the night?

The Originator of Survival Horror! And It's Scarier that Ever!

Two diverse adventures await you. Conquer your fears as Edward Carnby or Alice Cedrac.

Tame the darkness with sophisticated flashlight technology - locate hard to find survival items and scare off light sensitive monsters.

Battle twelve demonic breeds of monsters, all of whom want to make you their dinner.

Arm yourself from an arsenal of eight supernatural weapons.

Stunning, but terrifying graphics pull you into the suspense.

Tackle your adventure the way you want with fully customizable controls.


Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP: AMD K6-3 450 MHz or Intel Pentium II 400 Mhz, 64 MB RAM, 3D Accelerator video card 16 MB Vram, 400 MB free on your hard drive, DirectX compatible mouse, keyboard and sound card.

Edward Carnby - Paranormal Investigator

Carnby currently works for the agency founded in 1982 by Charles Fiske, a former member of the top-secret bureau 713. Fiske and Carnby are specialists in bizarre cases where the supernatural and paranormal play a predominant role. Carnby doesn’t care about convincing unbelievers or raising consciousness about the unknown. He personally knows that the paranormal exists and has made it his life goal to destroy them. He works only with what’s tangible, and possesses no para-psychological powers or abilities that would make him a supernatural being. His only special ability is to recognize evil upon first sight and take appropriate action immediately.

Aline Cedrac - High-Spirited Adventurer

Aline is a determined and passionate young woman whose difficult life has made her quite independent. Tough on herself and others, she is sometimes abrupt, and her relationships with men are perfunctory, her great beauty giving her a confidence bordering on a superiority complex. It’s true, however, that Aline has not yet met a man worthy of her.


Just Adventure by Randy Sluganski

"The strong point of AITD:TNN is the character and plot development. Though you can only play as one character at a time, both of their paths dovetail throughout the game, and it is especially interesting once you have played as one character to then play as the other and spot details that were influenced by the other character. Communication between the two can also be established via a two-way radio, and there will be moments when they actually meet. The writers are to be commended for actually nurturing a relationship between the characters as the game progresses, especially in a genre--survival horror--that often features superficial personalities and situations.

"Many of today's games have beautiful graphics but are soulless; AITD:TNN uses graphics and sound effects to maximum effect even while employing every hoary cliché imaginable: screeching disjointed voices, howling dogs, whistling wind. You're guaranteed to stumble across misshapen trees, a foreboding, deserted mansion, and long, winding staircases. Yet every one of these tried-and-true chestnuts not only works, but also enhances the atmosphere of the game. You will feel as though you are part of a well-made B horror film."

"The New Nightmare is not for those who shy away from action elements in a game. It is, though, for anyone who enjoys intelligent horror. Though some encounters can be avoided, many cannot, and occasional puzzles consist of plotting an escape route or trying different weapons to discover which one is most effective against a specific monster. A keyboard or gamepad can be used to control the characters, and the game ships on three CDs. In my opinion, though, there is nothing more important in a game than good writing and believable characters, which is probably the main appeal of adventure games. The give-and-take between Carnby and Aline as their relationship and trust in each other grows is actually (God help me, I'm going to say cute) cute, and these are two characters, like Gabriel Knight and Grace, around whom a franchise could be built."

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