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ZOOM Alien Logic
Sold Out (DOS) (With Rule Book) (ALIENLOGPO)

Strategic Simulations Inc.



3 stars from Computer Gaming World

83% from PC Gamer

A SkyRealms of Jorune Adventure

Alien Logic is set on the far-off world of Jorune, settled by colonists just before a catastrophic war cut off all communication with Earth. At first friendly with Jorune's native life forms, humans eventually attempted to conquer their new home. The result: hundreds of years of bloody conflict.

Three thousand five hundred years later, Earth is only a shadowy myth. Humans and other races live together, surviving by using the technology and tools from distant times.

This is your time on Jorune. As a young explorer, you discover a plot that threatens the safety of your friends, your home, and finally, your world. Gather your power and skills while travelling the face of the planet. Solve mysteries, and engage in deadly combat to prepare yourself for the final encounter with an enemy from Jorune's hidden, terrifying past.

Requirements: IBM compatible, 486-33 MHz (66 MHz recommended), 8 MB RAM, SVGA graphics card, 10 MB hard drive space, CD-ROM; supports Gravis, PAS, and Sound Blaster sound cards.


Computer Gaming World, February 1995

"The history, culture, flora and fauna of Jorune are simply wondrous. As a pencil-and-paper role-playing game, the Skyrealms of Jorune gamered many followers who bought into the fiction of Jorune. SSI had a major challenge on their hands when they decided to bring this world to the PC. In some respects, they have created a wonderfully sophisticated game world. In others, Alien Logic falls flat."

"To be fair to Alien Logic, there is a lot to this game. You follow a string of quests, picking up location clues from dialogue and artifacts you find, and along the way, you explore and interact with Jorune and its very unique denizens. The game is not difficult, but it is not overly easy. It possesses just the right blend of challenge, encouragement and opportunity, making it a game far less frustrating than many in the adventure genre."

"In fact, I simply loved the game interface. As a player, you work through seven distinctly different and flawlessly implemented interfaces."

PC Gamer, March 1995

"Alien Logic takes place in the far future. Humans settled on the planet Jorune early in the 21st century, where they lived with several alien races like the Shantha, an eyeless and seemingly primitive people. When Earth itself was destroyed in a global war, the panic-stricken colonists started to violate expansion agreements with the Shantha and sought to exploit the planet's resources. Conflicts arose, and war broke out. As the game begins, 3,500 years have passed. Humans and Shantha alike have rebuilt a rudimentary civilization, and while both remember the past, no open hostilities remain. Except for one individual, called the Red Shantha. Violent where most of his race is peaceful, he has captured most of your village and stored them in stasis for some evil purpose. Your goal is to find the Red Shantha and defeat him."

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