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ZOOM Albion
Sold Out (DOS/Win95) (Retail) (ALBIONPR)

Blue Byte Software



88% from PC Gamer - Editors' Choice

In The Year 2227 ...

the gigantic, interstellar factory ship "Toronto" reaches a distant solar system. The ship's owners, the enormous DDT company, believe that there are rich deposits of raw materials on this third planet of the system; but the data which describes the planet as a desert, turns out to be forged. Albion is in fact a world full of life, secrets, surprises and magic. When Tom Driscoll, the pilot of the reconnaissance team discovers this, he swears to save Albion from "Toronto's" tentacles.

While "Toronto" begins to spread out over the surface of Albion, Tom delves deeper and deeper into this mysterious world. Who were the planet's former inhabitants? What is the secret of the strange magic which pervades Albion? How did Celts from the planet Earth come to be on this planet in 400 AD? And how could the data on the planet of Albion have been so wrong?

You play the role of Tom Driscoll, guiding him and the beings who soon join up with him through this exciting world. Albion has all the ingredients which are essential to an in-depth role playing game. Your objective, with the aid of your team, is to guide your party through a maze of magic, puzzle-solving and equipment acquistion, in a bid to triumph during the many combat challenges you will encounter.

But Albion has even more to offer...


Role-playing adventure with engaging 150,000 word storyline.

Turn-based, tactical, battle sequences, with dozens of magical spells.

Interactive dialog system lets you dictate the next move.

Hundreds of different 2-D and 3-D graphic scenarios combine to create the endless depth of Albion.

User-friendly, mouse-controlled package with auto-mapping facility in the 3-D mode.

Dynamic stereo sound effects put you right into the action.

Characters have their own personalities, cultural backgrounds and levels of intelligence.

No elves, dwarves, orcs and dragons to contend with.

Extensive playing time without impossible to win battles and unsolvable puzzles.

Full of life, secrets, surprises and magic.

It's time for you to travel through this stange world with only your mission in mind so be careful who you trust.

Up to six members in your party.

The Game

Albion is an exciting fantasy adventure, built around a carefully designed, extensively detailed, 150,000 word storyline. In Albion, you'll discover one of the most intuitive, in-depth playing enviornments of its genre.

Albion is the only PC role playing game which uses three types of types of graphical presentation. when exploring unfamiliar areas and large houses, a detailed 2-D display is used, making it easier for the player to orientate himself.When the action gets particularly exciting, the view switches to a fluid 3-D display, so the player experiences places, such as a dungeon, through the eyes of the character.

The characters within Albion are as diverse and detailed as the story itself. Gone are the typical RPG cliches such as elves, dwarves, orcs and dragons. All of the characters in Albion have their own personalities, cultural backgrounds and varying levels of intelligence. The player can interact with any of the characters they meet, in order to glean as much information as possible.

As in any good RPG, fighting is imminent. Battles fought in Albion occur on a tactical 3-D battle screen. The turn-based battles are fought in separate rounds, so that it is the element of strategy and not hectic speed which determines who will win. The battles are shown as animated graphics with numerious special effects.

Albion's extensive playing time is not a result of almost unsolvable puzzles or impossible to win battles. In Albion, the number of objects is not a device to make the story seem bigger and more exciting than it really is. Our development team has used the fruits of their long experience in designing role playing games to create this challenging world - the world of Albion!


IBM PC or 100% compatibles, 486 or higher, VGA 256 colors, 8 MB RAM minimum, 3 MB hard drive space, MS DOS (Version 5.0 or higher) or Windows 95, double speed CD-ROM drive, Microsoft compatible mouse, supports standard sound cards. Supports mouse for one player. Not compatible with built in laptop displays.


PC Gamer, November 1996

"In a twist on the dark and menacing themes of heavyweight roleplaying games such as the upcoming Daggerfall or Shadows Over Riva, Blue Byte Software's Albion uses ingenuity, style and a dash of innovation to propel the genre beyond the stars for a rewarding roleplaying experience.

Videogame Advisor, August 1996

"As the pilot of an intergalactic cruise vessel whose mission is the exploitation of the resource-rich planets of the outer galaxies, the player is quickly brought into a highly detailed world where he discovers that the interstellar business coalitions are motivated - not being concerned for the welfare of the world, but rather for their own personal gain. Moreover, the interstellar missions for raw materials are claiming human lives, and a mysterious power also seems to be at work.

"While the game is heavily reminiscent of low-res RPG titles of years ago, it does contain enough mystery and variety to keep players' interest. A heavily involving story that takes players from the depths of space to the tribal lands of primitive worlds takes time to evolve, but is nonetheless captivating and entertaining. First-person 3D levels also add an action element that breaks up the monotony of the overwhelmingly text-based format of the game."

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