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ZOOM Arthur's Knights
Tales of Chivalry
$9.95 (Win95/98 Only!) (Retail) (AKNIGHTSPR)
$9.95 Chapter 1: Origins of Excalibur
(Win95/98 Only!) (UK Retail) (AKNIGHTIPR)

Publisher: Wanadoo / Cryo / Dreamcatcher

Game - Violence


B+ from Just Adventure


Long Ago, Honor Was Worth Dying For

Travel to an age of kings and queens, monsters, magic and men. Enter the world of the dark ages filled with 3D beauty and colorful characters and NPC's. Visit the kingdom of Camelot and the legendary place called Avalon, plus many more. Battle monsters, bargain with fairies and outwit foes in uniquely different ways.

Take the journey with Bradwen the Christian or Bradwen the Celt. You choose the path he must travel. With two unique storylines, accompany Bradwen as he encounters treachery, murder and madness to complete his destiny on the quest for a King.

Become the adventure, as one of Arthur's Knights.

Chivalry to Live By ... Honor to Die For...

Enter the world of the Medieval Times filled with 3D beauty and colorful characters.

Discover an interactive world filled with drama and adventure.

Stunning backgrounds, dynamic cameras and fluid 3D animation.

2 games in 1 - 2 playable characters, 2 separate quests and ultimately a knight's honor to be won.


Windows 95/98/ME/XP: PII 300 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 12 x CD-ROM drive, 8 MB DirectX 7.0 compatible, keyboard and mouse.


Just Adventure by Tom Houston

"...choose between a Red Book, which chronicles the story of Bradwen as a valiant knight who follows the Celtic traditions and serves the magic of Merlin and the power of the great goddesses, or a White Book, which tells of Bradwen the Paladin, a pious knight, who is a Christian and defender of the cross."

"Each story is presented as five main quests, generally with eight to ten episodes that take you from location to location, as you follow your adventures. In an interesting twist on the usual adventure game, progress in your adventuring, involving all of the important actions you make and results that you attain during game play, are recorded/written down by Foulque in the Book of Adventures, which can be accessed onscreen at any time."

"Bradwen's stories are the strength of the adventure of Arthur's Knights, and you will enjoy the adventure, if you have a passion for historical adventures, because this game is packed with the legends of King Arthur, Merlin, and the famous and courageous Knights of the Round Table."

"How will you deal with the treachery and hatred of your half-brother Morganor? What secret power does Morganor possess? Will you be able to protect your wife Gwen and infant son Madog from danger? Is Lancelot guilty or innocent of the crime for which he is accused? Can you outwit the great goddess Morgan and convince the fairies to help you? Will you be able to convince Arthur that your request for justice is justified? There's much more, but the rest is up to you!"

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