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ZOOM Age of Wonders II:
The Wizard's Throne
Sold Out (Win98/ME/2000/XP) (Jewel Case inside Cardboard Sleeve) (AGEWOND2PR)
(Actual title is Age of Wonders Masters Collection. It contains Age of Wonders and Age of Wonders II.)

Publisher: Triumph Studios / Gathering of Developers

ESRB Rating: - Animated blood and mild animated violence

An Ancient Saga

Awakened to join an immortal group of Wizards in the Circle of Evermore, you must restore balance to a world on the brink of collapse. Powerful spheres of magic are thrown against one another in a war of Wizards the likes of which have never been seen before. By mastering magical forces of creation and dealing with the deities who govern them, you must establish a fantasy empire and confront other Wizards in your quest to THE WIZARD'S THRONE. AGE OF WONDERS II™ is the sequel to the Award-Winning Age of Wonders®. Delivering an invigorating mix of Empire Building, Role-playing, and Warfare,

AGE OF WONDERS II offers the ultimate in fantasy turn-based strategy. Explore a world full of mythical creatures and mysterious lands. Build an impressive force as an all-powerful Wizard through dangerous perils and exhilarating challenges. Now is your time to embrace your destiny and take your rightful place at the head of the Circle, forever.

Game Features:

Rule your domain as an immortal Wizard-King, a leader capable of awe-inspiring destruction, possessing the ability to defeat equally imposing adversaries!

Reign supreme over one of 12 distinct and amazing races such as Elves, Frostlings, Draconians, Dwarves, Halflings, Humans, and even the Undead.

Specialize in one of 7 Spheres of Magic including Earth, Fire, Life, and Death, while customizing your magical skills and abilities.

Enlist the aid of more than 30 loyal champions like rangers, warriors, and priests - these heroes lead your troops into battle and posses the unique ability to wield an assortment of over 75 mighty artifacts hidden throughout the world.

Charge into battle with special units such as Dwarf Steamcannons, Halfling Eagle Riders, Human Airships, and Frostling Mammoth Riders - over 100 different types at your disposal.

Dictate the fate of the world from within your Wizard's Tower, a virtual antenna of power used to transport your ground-shaking spells.

Immerse yourself in a legendary story during a single-player campaign with 20 scenarios full of intrigue, action, and suspense.

Lay siege to enemy cities with a careful balance of tactical guile and magical augmentations.

Seek out assistance from various Deities - their favor can lift an aspiring emperor to greatness, while their displeasure can lead a thriving nation into ruins.

Design your very own scenarios, heroes, items, and even new Wizards with the enhanced scenario editor, challenging others to triumph over your creation.

Guide the growth of your cities as you see fit, building formidable defenses, mystical temples, grand training grounds for your armies, and more.

Research powerful enchantments, fierce combat magic, and world altering spells - all brought to life with a 3D-particle system sure to dazzle even the most seasoned Wizard.

Experience crystal clear sound and life-like detail for characters, creatures, terrain and more with an enhanced sound engine and a new true-color graphics engine.

Confront rival Wizards in Multiplayer warfare via a LAN or over the Internet for up to 8 players - options include Play by Email, Hot Seat, and the exciting Simultaneous-Turn System allowing all players to move at the same time

The Game: Story

A young human leader strides across the deck of his airship, trying to push aside images of the tragedies that have befallen his race. The poised captain spots a storm raging on the horizon, and turns to make preparations for the dangerous flight ahead. With his back to the storm, a feeling of uneasiness overcomes him. Looking once again out across the bow, the young hero notices shadows emerging from the chaos. "Dragons", he yells.

With mystical speed and power, the Dragons tear into the mighty airship. The brave captain steps to the forefront, inspiring his crew against the onslaught. Wounded in the charge he is thrown into the fiery sky, falling endlessly into the dark sea below.

"Wake my honorable friend. I am called Gabriel. You have come to me during a time of tremendous unrest, for which I am grateful. I have guided your soul back from the doors of Death, so that you may ascend to your rightful place in this world. You are in the land of Evermore, where the Circle of Wizards has governed the spheres of magic, all magic, for thousands of years.

"Yet these are terrible times. For reasons I cannot ascertain, the seats of Air, Fire, Earth, Water, Life, and Death have turned against one another, leaving the Circle and causing the cataclysms that have diseased your world. You have come to me in my greatest hour of need, for I must not leave Evermore unguarded. The task of solving this riddle I pass on to you, my young apprentice. I will set you upon the path of magic, granting you the power to reunite the Circle and to prevent the destruction of your world. Perhaps, one day, you may even replace me on the Wizard's Throne.

Rise young Merlin, your quest begins here!"


Windows 98/Me/2000/XP:Processor: 100% PC Compatible Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP CPU: Pentium® II 300 MHz processor or equivalent RAM: 64MB RAM (minimum) CD-ROM: 8X Speed Hard Drive Space: 500MB Graphics: DirectX 8.0 compatible 4MB video card Sound Card: DirectX 8.0 compatible sound card Keyboard & Mouse: Microsoft® compatible

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