Aces of the Pacific

Aces of the Pacific - Dynamix - Jewel Case w/ Manual - DOS - See Aces Collection Series

Dynamix/Sierra On-Line


Free WWII" 1946 Bonus Missions

On December 7, 1941, with Pearl Harbor in smoking ruin, aerial history would continue and new legends would be born as American pilots launched into battle against the Japanese Empire. Spanning the entire Pacific, the scope of the war would be monumental with mighty "floating airfields" carrying the battle out across the seas. Step back into history and experience the emotion, men, and machines of W.W., II combat in the Pacific. Up against enemy fighters and aces, you'll intercept bombers, dive-bomb enemy carriers, and launch ground attacks to cripple enemy air bases.


Tangle with legendary aces such as Greg "Pappy" Boyington, Hiroshi Nishizawa and America's highest-ranking ace, Richard Bong.

Over 25 meticulously researched vintage aircraft including the A6M Zero, F4U Corsair, SBD-3 Dauntless Dive Bomber, and many more.

Fly for America or Japan, experiencing the sights and sounds of air combat in the Pacific: carrier deck landings, torpedo dive bombing, the roar of massive radial engines and the explosive firing of .50 caliber machine guns.

A powerful Mission recorder lets you save an entire mission, then jump back into the action at any point to begin flying again.

What if Japan hadn't surrendered? Play the ultimate "what if" scenario as revolutionary new aircraft and jets are used in new operations in the final push toward Tokyo in WWII: 1946.

On-line Windows manual complete with photos, war maps, pilot profiles, air combat tactics and a detailed historical overview of the war.

Requirements: 386, MS-DOS 5.0, 2MB RAM, VGA, hard drive, CD-ROM drive, Win3.1 for on-line documentation.

Recommended: joystick, mouse.

Supported: Sound Blaster, MT32, Pro Audio and 100% compatible. Thrustmaster FCS, WCS and rudders.

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