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Aces Collection Series
Sold Out (Win95/DOS) (Retail) (ACESC2PR)

Aces of the Deep Screenshots by R. Hege

Publisher: Dynamix / Sierra



Command 6 of History's Greatest Battle Simulations

Get ready for the most intense flight collection spanning nearly a century of war. From the dawn of aerial flight (and fighting) to dead-on recreations of recent battles, Aces takes you directly into the war zone with 6 acclaimed games in the award winning Aces series. This award-winning series takes you on a courageous and hazardous trip through history and its greatest battles. One mission, you're face-to-face witht he Red Baron inhis Fokker Triplane - the next you're skirting Scud missiles in the Persian Gulf. So sit tight, strap in, and get ready to soar.

The Aces Collection Includes:

Red Baron

1991's Sim of the Year (Computer Gaming World) gives you a gritty taste of aerial warfare in W.W.I. Engage in dogfights, take on Zeppelins, escort bombers deep into enemy territory, and go undercover in nightime missions. If you can stay alive, you'll face the ultimate adversary - the Red Baron himself.

Take control of the Sopwith Camel, D.H.2 Pusher, Spad 7, Albatross DIII, Fokker Triplane, and many others.

Unique features let you jump back into over 40 misions at any point.

Accurately detailed 3SPACE worlds include the German-French front, Verdun, the Somme, Paris and London.

Aces Over Europe

Take to the war-torn skies in the game Strategy Plus called "first rate." Patrol the front lines, target supply depots, and pursue moving ground targets. Take part in historical campaigns such as D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge.

Engage the enemy in dogfights, strafe ground tagets and destroy enemy ships at sea.

Over 20 aircraft including the Messerschmitt 262, the Super-marine Spitfire Mk IX, and the DeHaviland Mosquito VI.

On-line manual contains overviews of the European air war, photos, war maps, pilot profiles, and tactics.

Command Aces of the Deep

Screenshots by R. HegePC Gamer's Reader's Choice Award for Best Wargame (95) takes you deep into the icy waters of W.W.II as a German U-boat commander. Stalk your enemies beneath the waves of the North Atlantic. Attempt to strangle shipping lanes and dive deep to avoid attacks from the sky.

Realistically shaded subs and ships in a fantastic 3-D environment with rolling waves, whitecaps, fog, clouds and weather effects.

Special effects include explosions, burning ships and dramatic sinkings.

Experience digitized crew speech, creaking hulls, depth charge explosions and the twisiting metal of sinking ships.

Aces of the Pacific

World War II explodes over the Pacific as you take off from rocking aircraft carriers to join pivotal battles between the U.S. and Japan. From the Coral Sea to the Battle at Midway, face the fierce Kamikaze fighters or the doggedly determined American pilots.

Over 25 vintage aircraft, including the A6M Zero, the F4U Corsair, the P-38 Lightning, the F6F Hellcat and the P-47 Thunderbolt.

Hold on for carrier deck landings, torpedo dive bombing, and mid-air explosions.

Fly in the island-hopping campaigns of New Guinea, Okinawa, even Japan itself.

A-10 Tank Killer

Take control of the ugliest, most indestructible plane ever built in the war that made it famous - Operation Desert Storm. Fly low and dirty through 21 missions, including 7 Persian Gulf scenarios. Rip apart enemy tanks with your 33mm "tank killing" cannon and put yourself into history.

21 different missions including 7 Persian Gulf scenarios.

Improved flight model with dual joysticks and rudder pedal support.

Floating View Camera allows you to check out the action from any angle.

Complex intelligence system starts the battle with or without you.

A-10 Tank Killer II: Silent Thunder

Swoop down like "Silent Thunder" in the msot indestructible close-attack plane ever built, the A-10 Thunderbolt II. In this sequel to the highly successful A-10 Tank Killer, you'll dive into 3 fast-paced campaignas with 24 action-packed missions. Use the A-10's powerful ground-hugging attack style in rugged air-to-ground combat.

24 separate but continuous missions set in the Persian Gulf, Colombia and Korea.

14 weapons including the deadly GAU-8A "Avenger" gun.

Customize your weaponry based on mission type and intelligence reports.

Fantastic 3-D fire and explosions.


DOS / Win95 (A-10 II and Aces of the Deep ONLY): 486/DX66 8MB RAM (Pentium 100+ 16MB+ preferred), 2x CD ROM drive (4x preferred), SVGA, Windows compatible sound card w/DAC, hard dirve, Win95/DOS 5.0. Supports Win 95 compatible joysticks and other controls (CH, MS Sidewinder Pro, Thrustmaster, FCS WCS, Rudders).

NOTE: A-10 II and Aces of the Deep require Win95/98 Only. The others are all DOS games.

Does not work on Windows ME or XP.

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