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Spanish Language Instruction

Beginners Spanish - Laser Publishing - $12.95

A comprehensive language learning system tailored to meet the needs of the novice..

Instant Immersion Spanish- Topics - $19.95

The fastest, most intuitive way to learn a foreign language. Includes Talk Now!, World Talk, Talk To Me 3.0, Interactive Picture Dictionary, and Who Is Oscar Lake.

Instant Immersion Spanish v2.0- Topics - $25.95

Spanish v2.0 - the next generation of language instruction! From Madrid to Mexico City, now you can join the conversation with Instant Immersion Spanish v2.0, the dynamic 5-disc language learning system on CD-ROM.

Instant Immersion Spanish Advanced - Topics - $14.95

If you're looking for an outrageously animated way to continue your advanced Spanish studies, may we say that you've got a lot of Gaul - specifically, the Gaulish rebels from the international comic book sensation Asterix.

Instant Immersion Spanish Deluxe - Topics - $34.95

This 8 CD suite combines an immersion environment with a brand-new curriculum focusing on composition, phonetics, grammar, dictation, and comprehension.

Instant Immersion Spanish Pro - Topics - $34.95

The PRO version is simply a more in-depth curriculum geared towards serious students who need writing abilities as well as conversational skills.

Language Learning: Spanish - Laser Publishing - $12.95

Developed to help you learn to understand, read, and speak the language.

Language Learning Beginner and Everyday Series: Spanish - Laser Publishing - $19.95

Learn to speak a foreign language and the necessary skills to be on your way to fluency.

Learn to Speak Spanish Essentials - Learning Company - $14.95

Learning a foreign language is easier than you think. In just five lessons, Learn to Speak Spanish Essentials provides everything you need for rapid success.

Learn Spanish Now v8 Deluxe - Transparent - $19.95

Learn by immersing yourself Spanish. You'll participate in real conversations, read interesting articles and watch intriguing videos from Spain, Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries.

Learn to Speak Spanish Version 8.0 or 8.1- The Learning Company - $9.95 or $24.95

Everything you need to learn two years' worth of real-world Spanish from native speakers.

Learn to Speak Spanish, Versions 6.0 - The Learning Company - $9.95

The complete interactive learning solution.

Let's Play! Vocabulary: Spanish - EuroTalk - $9.95

Ages 4 to 12. Children can learn words, play vocabulary games, and record their own words and sentences. Although designed for the needs of children, Let's Play! Vocabulary is also popular with adults.

Spanish - EuroTalk Interactive - $12.95

If you've mastered beginning language skills or if you are an intermediate level speaker, the Global language series is for you.

Spanish SE - Laser Publishing - $19.95

This 2-CD pack is developed to help English speakers learn to understand, read and speak Spanish quickly and easily.

Talk Now! Learn Spanish - EuroTalk Interactive - $12.95

Designed for people who want to learn a language quickly.

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