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Literary References

American Lit: Ernest Hemingway [1899-1961] - Zane Publishing - $8.95

The Time, Life, & Works of Ernest Hemingway reveals the creative genius of Hemingway the author and the philosophy of Hemingway the man.

American Lit: Little Woman-The Call of the Wild - Zane Publishing - $8.95

Uses the backdrop of America's turmoil over slavery and the growing Abolitionist movement to focus on the Transcendentalists and those influenced by them.

American Lit: Time, Life & Works: Walt Whitman - Zane Publishing

Take a journey into the world of one of American's greatest poets.

British Lit: History/Paradise Lost - Zane Publishing

Explores poetry and prose of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

British Lit: Lyrical Ballads-Silas Marner - Zane Publishing - $8.95

A view of British Literatures from Lyrical Ballads to Silas Marner

British Lit: Time, Life & Works: Geoffrey Chaucer - Zane Publishing - $8.95

Make a pilgrimage to Chaucer's medieval England.

British Lit: Time, Life & Works/Dickens - Zane Publishing -$8.95

Surveys the life and literary career of the Victorian novelist Charles Dickens

British Lit: Thomas Hardy [1840-1928] - Zane Publishing - $8.95

Discover the life and career of novelist and poet Thomas Hardy

British Lit: War of the Worlds-Brave New World - Zane Publishing - $8.95

Explores British literary history from the late-Victorian period to the first four decades of the twentieth century

British Lit: William Wordsworth [1770-1850] - Zane Publishing - $8.95

Look into the Poetic Life of William Wordsworth

Classic Digital Library - People Publish - $19.95

Now you can have 1001 classics at your fingertips on one CD.

Great Authors! - Bureau of Electronic Publishing - $29.95

The complete home literature library on three CDs: Much Ado About Shakespeare, Twain's World, and Like the Dickens.

Great Literature Plus - Bureau of Electronic Publishing - $9.95

The full, searchable text of 1,900 works by 180 authors.

One Hundred Treasures of The British Library - Abrams - $24.95

This CD-ROM brings highlights from one of the world's greatest collections of books and manuscripts to your desk top.

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Zane Publishing - $8.95

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella remains the indelible literary portrait of man's struggle with his divided nature--a topic as current as today's headlines.

World Lit: Science Fiction & Fantasy - Zane Publishing - $8.95

Takes a fantastic voyage to study the ways in which writers have speculated about worlds beyond Earth.

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