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Composers and Their Music

Beethoven's 5th: The Multimedia Symphony - Future Vision - $14.95

The orchestra comes to life as the opening strains of Beethoven's 5th role like thunder from your computer.

Bob Marley: Soul Almighty the Formative Years - Graphix Zone - $14.95

Contains original vocals recorded by Bob Marley and the Wailers in Jamaica in 1967-68.

Great Composers: Bach, Schumann & Rakhmaninov - Zane Publishing - $9.95

Uncover the influences that shaped Bach's baroque masterpieces, Schumann's pastoral compositions, and Rakhmaninov's romantic melodies.

Great Composers: Beethoven, Grieg, & Hanson - Zane Publishing - $9.95

Explore the lives and music of the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven; the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg; and the American composer Howard Hanson.

Great Composers: Handel, Chopin, Debussy - Zane Publishing - $9.95

Learn the influences that shaped the creation of Handel's oratorios, Chopin's revolutionary piano compositions, and Debussy's imaginative pieces.

Great Composers: Haydn, Tchaikovsky & Ravel - Zane - $9.95

Survey the lives and music of the Austrian composer Franz Joseph Haydn; the Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky; and the French composer Maurice Ravel.

Great Composers: Mozart, Mendelssohn, & Dvorak - Zane Publishing - $9.95

Examine the lives and music of the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; the German composer, pianist, and conductor Felix Mendelssohn; and the Bohemian composer Antonin Dvorak.

Great Composers: Schubert, Brahms & Strauss - Zane Publishing - $9.95

You'll uncover the influences that shaped the creation of Schubert's masterful Unfinished Symphony, Brahms's beloved Liebestrau, Strauss' classic waltz, Blue Danube, and many other great works.

A History of Santana - Graphix Zone - $19.95

Dive into the history and artistry of one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Carlos Santana.

Microsoft Multimedia Mozart: The Dissonant Quartet - Microsoft

An illustrated, interactive musical exploration. Included in the 5 Foot 10 Pack Collector's Edition

Peter & the Wolf - IBM - $14.95

Ages 3-8. A howlingly good rendition of Russian composer Sergie Prokofiev's Peter & the Wolf.

Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overature - Future Vision - $18.95

Audio CD plus analysis of the 1812 Overature

Vivaldi: The Four Seasons - EBook

Vivaldi's virtuoso Four Seasons concertos are combined to create a new multimedia music experience. See Complete Classical Music.

Willie: The Life and Music of Willie Nelson - Graphix Zone $14.95

As Emmylou Harris puts it, "If America had only one voice, it would be Willie Nelson's."

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