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3-D Body Adventure - Knowledge Adventure - $4.95 / $12.95

Ages 7 and up. Engaging and comprehensive human anatomy learning experience.

AnnaTommy - IVI Publishing - $9.95

Ages 8 and up. Join Anna and Tommy on an unbelievable voyage through the body.

Dexter's Laboratory: Science Ain't Fair - Bam Entertainment - $14.95

Ages 6 and up. Help Dexter use his skill and mental agility to return to normal size and take his rightful place as boy genius supreme!

Elementary Science: Animals - Zane - $8.95

Join Henry and Carlos as they learn about the animal kingdom from Maggie, the wise old owl.

Elementary Science: Plants - Zane - $8.95

Travel along with Mother Nature and her plant-loving friend, Bee, as they embark on a trip through the plant kingdom.

Explore the Planets- TASA - $39.95

Grades 3-6, 7-12 and college. Experience the solar system as never before. View fascinating landscapes and the violent processes that sculpt them.

Gizmos & Gadgets - Learning Company - $9.95

Ages 7 to 12. Over 260 puzzles and simulations help you understand the physical science principles found in everyday items.

Grossology - SegaSoft - $14.95

Ages 8 to 12. If it's stinky, scaly, or slimy and it's on your body, Grossology can explain it all for you.

I Love Science - DK Multimedia - $9.95

Aimed at children aged seven to eleven, it will enchant all children - even those who normally find science difficult - by leading them from first principles to sophisticated science problems with lots of humor and practical "real-world" activities thrown in.

Isaac Asimov's Library of the Universe: Solar System - Zane Publishing - $9.95

Ages 8 to 12. Journey through the solar system.

Kid Science - Arc Media - $12.95

Ages 6 to 12. Fun filled experiments with Philip Gebhardt.

Kids Science Experiments - Arc Media - !2.95

Ages 9 and up. Fun experiments to try at home! Learn about biology, physics, chemistry, nature and the human body.

Lost in Space Learning Adventure - Sound Source - $14.95

Ages 7 to 11. Get Lost in Space and discover the wonders of geology, astronomy, and science in an out of this world adventure.

Magic School Bus Bonus Pack Volume 2 - Scholastic - $29.95

Includes: Magic School Bus Explores in the Age of Dinosaurs, Magic School Bus Explores Inside the Earth and Magic School Bus Explores the Solar System.

Magic School Bus Bonus Pack Volume 3 - Scholastic - $29.95

Includes: Magic School Bus Lands on Mars, Magic School Bus Volcano Adventure, and Magic School Bus Whales and Dolphins.

Magic School Bus Explores the Rainforest - Microsoft - $19.95

Ages 6 to 10. Hop aboard Scholastic's The Magic School Bus® and travel to the Costa Rican Rainforest to explore.

Magic School Bus Explores the Ocean - Microsoft - $14.95

Ages 6 to 10. There's a hidden treasure, and it's your mission to search the seas to find it and win the game!

Magic School Bus Explores the Solar System - Microsoft - $14.95

Ages 6 to 10. Drive the bus to all 9 planets.

Mia's Science Adventure - Kutoka - $19.95

Ages 6 to 10. Ramaine's New Hat! Science with a smile.

My First Amazing Science Explorer - DK Multimedia - $14.95

Ages 5 to 9. Visit eight interactive environments. Conduct real experiments.

School House Rock! Exploration Station - Creative Wonders - $9.95

Ages 6 to 10. Develop thinking skills as you explore a world of science.

Thinkin' Science - Edmark - $14.95

Ages 6 to 8. Hundreds of questions, exploration opportunities, problems, facts and experiments that teach your child how science applies to everyday life.

The Universe According to Virgil Reality - 7th Level - $8.95 / $14.95

Ages 8 and up. The Amazing and Sometimes Wacky Wonders of Science.

Virtual Labs: Electricity - Edmark - $14.95

Grades 6 to 12. Easy-to-use experiments - supported by 40 reproducible lab worksheets - help students build a practical knowledge of electricity and its physical principles.

Welcome to Bodyland - IVI Publishing - $12.95

Ages 5-11. A theme park where every ride teaches something new about the HUMAN BODY.

The Wonders of Rocks and Minerals - TASA - $39.95

Grades 3 through 12. You will be amazed by the information rocks contain about our planet.

ZAP! Thinkin' Science - Edmark - $9.95

Ages 8 to 12. ZAP! is filled with really interesting science that will spark your child's curiosity about how fascinating science can be.

Zoog Genius: Math, Science & Technology - Disney - $14.95

Ages 9 to 12. Its the game that turns your PC into a twisted educational game show and makes you & your friends the stars!

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