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Action Learning Pack - Encore - $18.95

Ages 9 to 12. Includes full versions of Are You Afraid of the Dark, Nickelodeon Director's Lab, Making Music and 3 other titles.

Amazing Learning Games with Rayman - UbiSoft - $18.95

Ages 6 to 10. Over 1,800 math and grammar exercises.

Ariel's Story Studio - Disney - $24.95

Ages 6 to 10. Dive into an ocean of activities that's swimming with fun.

Buzz Lightyear 2nd Grade - Disney - $14.95

Ages 6 to 8. There are many places to play in Andy's room, and with Buzz as host, your 2nd Grader can create, interact and solve problems in more than 40 essential learning skills.

The ClueFinders' 3rd Grade Adventures - The Learning Compnay - $12.95

Ages 7 to 9. Venture deep into the rain forest and learn a full year of 3rd grade skills.

The ClueFinders' 4th Grade Adventures - The Learning Company - $12.95

Agess 8 to 10. Enter an ancient Egyptian Pharoah's tomb and learn a full year of 4th grade skills.

The ClueFinders' 5th Grade Adventures - The Learning Company - $14.95

Ages 9 to 11. Unlock the secret of the living volcano while learning a full year of 5th grade skills.

The ClueFinders' 6th Grade Adventures - The Learning Company - $9.95/$14.95

Ages 10 to 12. Dare to enter the empire of the plant people where you'll learn a full year of 6th grade skills.

ClueFinders The Incredible Toy Store Adventure! - TLC - $14.95

Ages 7 to 10. Navigate through a maze of gigantic toys and build 3rd and 4th grade skills.

Einstein Jr.'s Classroom - Dinosoft - $14.95

Ages 8 to adult. Take a journey around the world as you learn about math, science, history, and language.

Elementary School Success 2006- Topics $25.95

Providing all elementary students with a uniquely diverse, fundamental course of study, Elementary School Success is the zenith of self-paced instruction on CD-ROM.

Elmer's Cut & Build 3D Castle and House - Panasonic - $18.95

Ages 6 to 12. Create a magnificent medieval castle, a cool modern house or a unique creation.

Elmer's Cut & Build 3D Spacestation and Hometown USA - Panasonic - $18.95

Ages 6 to 12. Create a modern spacestation, cool hometown or a unique creation.

Hercules & Xena Learning Adventure Quest for the Scrolls - Sound Source - $14.95

In a final attempt to restore the scrolls, a student bard sets out across the ancient land in search of the famous tales .

I Love Exploring! - DK Multimedia - $19.95

Three Amazing Adventures: Human Body Explorer, OZ: The Magical Adventure, Amazing Animals.

JumpStart Typing - Knowledge Adventure - $14.95

Ages 7 to 10. The complete typing preparedness program for 2nd grade through 5th grade.

KidDesk Internet Safe - Edmark - Sold Out

All ages. The kid-friendly answer to computer and internet security.

Math and Reading Excelerator - Topics - $24.95

Grades 1 and 2. This educational CD-ROM suite for children delivers endless hours of exciting learning adventure, ensuring the acquisition and retention of fundamental reading, Spanish, and math skills.

Math and Science Excelerator - Topics - $24.95

Grades 3 to 6. This educational CD-ROM suite for pre-teens delivers endless hours of exciting learning adventure, ensuring the acquisition and retention of intermediate, real-world meteorology, astronomy, and mathematics skills.

Reader Rabbit's 2nd Grade - The Learning Company - $14.95

Ages 6 to 8. Builds essential skills in reading, writing, math, science, and thinking.

Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade: Mis-cheese-ious Dreamship Adventures - TLC - $14.95

Ages 6 to 8. The Dreamship has crashed into Mt. Cheesemore and Reader Rabbit needs your help to find and repair the ship before the Pirates get there first.

School House Rock: 1st & 2nd Grade Essentials - Creative Wonders - $14.95

Ages 6 to 8. Children will discover over 20 engaging activities, 17 original Schoolhouse Rock videos, plus dozens of printable games, puzzles, and experiments.

School House Rock: 3rd & 4th Grade Essentials - Creative Wonders - $14.95

Ages 8 to 10. 2 CD-ROMs packed with activities that cover 2 years of skill development in Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science.

TriplePlay Plus! Language Series: English, French, or Spanish - Syracuse Language Systems

Ages 8 to adult. Interactive games and conversations for language learning fun. Includes a microphone.

Thinkin' Things Collection 2 - Edmark - $9.95

Ages 6 to 12. A powerful set of tools and toys that strengthen observation and analysis, develop spatial awareness, improve memory and foster creativity.

Thinkin' Things Collection 3 - Edmark - $9.95

Ages 7 to 13. Become a strong thinker with Thinkin' Things Collection 3 and build thinking skills you can use wherever you are - in anything you do.

Thinkin' Things Sky Island Mysteries - Edmark - $14.95

Ages 8 to 12. Break out your logic, prioritization and decision-making skills.

Vivaldi's Musical Adventure - Smartstart Music - $9.95

It celebrates the subtle nuances of different instruments, melodies, and orchestras; and shows children how to develop an appreciation for music.

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