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Arthur's Pet Chase - The Learning Company - $19.95

Ages 4 to 7. Fast-paced, kid-friendly arcade action delivers a whole new way to enjoy playing with Arthur!

Atlantis The Lost Empire: The Lost Games - Disney - $14.95

Ages 5 and up. You can experience all the fun and excitement of the animated feature film on your own computer.

Caillou Magic Playhouse - The Learning Company - $19.95

Ages 2 to 6. Hunt for hidden treasures in Caillou's playhouse.

Dazzeloids - Voyager - $24.95

A Binge Against Boredom by Rodney Alan Greenblat.

E.T. Away from Home - UbiSoft -$12.95

Ages 5 and up. Cast the dice, move around the board, engage in challenging mini-games, and lead E.T. to his spaceship on time!

Groove Center - Disney - $14.95

Ages 4 to 8. All the hijinx, laughs and attitude of Disney's The Emperor's New Groove movie!

I Spy School Days - Scholastic - $19.95

Ages 5 to 9. It takes a quick mind and a sharp eye to solve all the riddles and master the games in I Spy School Days.

I Spy Mystery-Scholastic- $27.95

Discover a new way to play I SPY with 13 fascinating mysteries that need your super-sleuth skills.

Imaginext Battle Castle - Fisher Price - $19.95

Imagine your exciting world filled with dungeons and drawbridges, swords and cannons, wizards and magic potions!

Imaginext Pirate Raider - Fisher Price- $14.95

Ahoy, Mate! Set sail on the open ocean in search of an abandoned and powerful pirate ship.

Jessie's Wild West Rodeo - Disney - $14.95

Ages 5 and up. Saddle up, interact and explore the Wild West with your favorite Toy Story 2 characters.

Kids on Site - Digital Pictures - $18.95

Ages 6 and up. Operate heavy construction equipment.

Land Before Time: Dinosaur Arcade - Sound Source - $14.95

Ages 4 to 7. Join your favorite dino-friends through The Great Valley of fun in six different classic arcade-style games!

Lost and Found Volume 2 - GTE Interactive - $14.95

Ages 4 to 9. Choose a piece of the puzzle for the adventure to begin.

Lost and Found Volume 3 - GTE Interactive - $14.95

Ages 4 to 9. Eight random clues given for every scene.

Madeline Rainy Day Activities - Creative Wonders - $18.95

Ages 5 and up. Over 100 creative learning activities.

Madeline Thinking Games Deluxe - Creative Wonders - $14.95

Ages 5 and up. Children develop important problem solving and thinking skills.

Mickey Saves the Day 3D Adventure - Disney - $14.95

Ages 4 to 8. It's Mickey to the rescue. Explore over 25 fun-packed locations in Mickey's hometown.

Muppet Treasure Island - Activision - $18.95

Ages 5 and up. Set Sail on an Epic Adventure of Exploration, Laughter and Learning.

Nickelodeon Adventure Pack - THQ - $19.95

Includes: Rugrats in Paris, Rugrats Mystery Adventure and The Wild Thornberrys Rambler

Off-Road Adventure - Fisher-Price - $19.95

Ages 4 to 7. Off-raod driving action that opens up worlds of imaginative play!

Once Upon a Forest - Sanctuary Woods - $14.95

Ages 5 to 9. Adventure game based on Twentieth Century Fox's movie.

Paddington: World Mystery Tour - Arxel Tribe - $9.95

Ages 4 to 8. Paddington travels around the world in search of Aunt Lucy to help celebrate her 100th Birthday.

Piglet's Big Game - Disney - $14.95

Ages 4 and up. A junior adventure filled with fun and humor where kids can help Piglet make a soup for all of his friends in the 100 Acre Wood.

Reader Rabbit's Thinking Adventures - TLC - $12.95

Ages 4 to 6. It's almost Sam the Lion's birthday and Reader Rabbit is planning a surprise party to celebrate.

Rescue Heroes: Lava Landslide - Fisher-Price - $14.95

Ages 4 to 7. Venture through six action-packed worlds to complete specialized rescues before the volcano erupts! This is the most exciting Rescue Heroes™ mission of all!

Rescue Heroes: Meteor Madness - Fisher-Price - $14.95

Ages 4 to 7. Blasting meteorites are casuing disasters the world over. Gear up and join the Rescue Heroes Team.

Rescue Heroes: Mission Select - Fisher-Price - $19.95

Your child will learn the importance of assisting people in need of help - great lessons that will last a lifetime.

Rescue Heroes: Tremor Trouble - Fisher-Price - $14.95

Ages 4 to 7. An earthquake has rumbled through Fun Island Theme Park! Now visitors are stranded on broken-down rides and wild animals are trapped before a wall of flames!

Road Construction Ahead - Simon & Schuster - $9.95 / $29.95

Ages 4 to 7. Kids Plan and Problem Solve While They Blast and Bulldoze

Rugrats Adventure Game - Broderbund - $14.95 / $19.95

Ages 6 to 10. Help the babies rescue Reptar and save the Earth.

Rugrats All Growed Up - THQ - $19.95

Inspired by the Rugrats 10th Anniversary Special, the babies have been catapulted ten years into the future.

Rugrats Go Wild - THQ - $19.95

Based on the upcoming cross-over movie event of the year, the Rugrats meet-up with the Thornberrys in this thrilling adventure that has the babies wandering through the rainforest encountering monkeys, crocodiles and even a leopard.

Rugrats in Paris: the Movie - Mattel Media - $19.95

Ages 6 and up. Turn Paris upside-down as you search for Chuckie's Wawa!

Rugrats: Munchin Land - THQ - $19.95

Play and interact with classic characters from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with a Rugrats twist including: Tommy (The Scarecrow), Chuckie (Scaredy-Cat Lion), Susie (the Good Witch), Phil & Lil (Tin Twins), Kimi (The Girl From Kansas), and Angelica (The Wicked Witch).

Rugrats Mystery Adventure - Mattel Media - $14.95

Ages 6 and up. Solve 10 unique mysteries and play 6 arcade-style games.

Rugrats Totally Angelica - Mattel Media - $19.95

Ages 6 and up. Play zany games and activities to help Angelica beat the boring babysitter blues!

Schoolhouse Rock Thinking Games Deluxe - Creative Wonders - $17.95

Ages 6 and up. Over 60 mind-enriching activities that strengthen critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Smelly Mystery - Big Tuna - $14.95

More than just an interactive's a mystery adventure game that only you and Little Monster can solve!!

Snow White and the Seven Hansels - Tivola - $19.95

Ages 4 and up. In this delightful interactive title you choose what happens next to your favorite fairy tale characters.

Spy Fox "Dry Cereal" - Humongous - $9.95

Your kids will put their wits to the test as they help SPY Fox use a host of slick gadgets, including a laser toothbrush and suction cuf links, to thwart William the Kid's dastardly plans of dairy destruction.

Spy Fox 2 "Some Assembly Required" - Humongous - $9.95

Ages 5 to 10. Once again, the world relies on Fox - SPY Fox, the suave super secret agent who smoothly finesses his way through SPY Corps' toughest assignments.

StarFlyers: Alien Space Chase - The Learning Company - $9.95

Ages 5 to 8. The Alien Ambassadors are depending on you in this smart, fun-packed adventure.

StarFlyers: Royal Jewel Rescue - The Learning Company - $9.95

Ages 5 to 8. Build critical-thinking skills in a planet-hopping adventure.

Thinkin' Things Collection 1 - Edmark - $12.95

Ages 4 to 8. A powerful set of tools and toys to help children strengthen observation and memory, improve problem solving and encourage creativity.

Tigger's Honey Hunt - Disney - $14.95

Ages 5 and up. How can Winnie the Pooh throw a party without honey?

Tonka Power Tools - Hasbro - $24.95

Ages 5 and up. Twist to select 24 virtual tools to custom build, screw, weld, paint and sand your own creations.

The Wild Thornberrys Movie - THQ - $19.95

On an action-packed journey that will take her from the streets of London to the plains of Africa, Eliza will risk it all -

You Can Fly with Tinkerbell - Disney - $19.95

Ages 5 and up. Peter Pan has hidden Captain Hook's treasure and is holding a contest to see who can find it. first.

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