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Arthurs Camping Adventure- The Learning Company- Ages 3-7-$9.95

Get ready for a wild adventure full of fun and learning as you join Arthur and the rest of Mr. Ratburn's class for a camping trip.

Arthur's Sand Castle Contest - The Learning Company - $19.95

Ages 4 to 7. When Arthur enters a sand castle contest, he’ll need your help to design and build a masterpiece.

Bananas in Pajamas - DK Multimedia - $14.95

Ages 2 to 6. Join B1 and B2 on a wonderful adventure through the fun-filled world of Cuddles Avenue.

Big Action Garage - Fisher Price - $14.95

Ages 4 to 7. Little drivers will have an adventure in overdrive pulling into pit stops and collecting the parts they'll need to save their friend, KC Coupe, from the terrible Tow Truck.

Bob the Builder - THQ - $19.95

Ages 3 and up. Join Bob the Builder and his team of friends in thirteen `Fix it Fun' activities, featuring all of your favorite characters, voices and music from the popular TV show!

Bob the Builder: Bob's Castle Adventure - THQ - $19.95

Join Bob and his crew as they visit a huge castle filled with tons of activities.

Bob the Builder Builds a Park - THQ - $19.95

Ages 3 and up. Join Bob and his gang as they design and build a Park, complete with squirrel runs, a skateboard track for Spud, and a Crazy Golf course!

Book of Pooh - Disney - $17.95

Ages 3 to 6. Eeyore has lost his tail and his dear friends are determined to help.

Bukbik's Creative Games - SmartWorks - $12.95

Ages 3 to 7. 8 unique activities for kids who love puzzles, problems and challenges.

Caillou Birthday Party - The Learning Company - $14.95

Ages 2 to 6. Come along with Caillou for a birthday adventure that's full of surprises. Discover letters, numbers, colors and shapes.

Casper Brainy Book - Knowledge Adventure - $14.95

Ages 4 to 8. Builds your child's reading skills with eerily entertaining activities.

Cheerios Play Time - Simon & Schuster - $14.95

Ages 3 to 5. There's so much to do before your breakfast is on the table! Plowing, planting and harvesting, milking cows and baking cheerios at the factory.

Clifford Musical Memory Games - Scholastic - $14.95

Ages 4 to 6. Help Clifford and his friends bring music back to Birdwell Island as you practice important skills through engaging activities and thinking challenges.

Dora the Explorer 3 Pack Adventure - Atari- $29.95

Includes; Dora the Explorer Backpack Adventure, Dora the Explorer Lost City Adventure and Dora the Explorer Animal Adventures

Dora the Explorer: Backpack Adventure - Infogrames - $14.95

Ages 3 and up. Dora and Boots need to return her books to the Library, and they need your help to get there!

Dora: Dance to the Rescue- Atari- $27.95

Help Dora save her friend Swiper from a bad elf who's trapped him! Dora The Explorer: Dance To The Rescue is great learning fun for kids!

Dora the Explorer: Fairytale Adventure - Atari - $19.95

Ages 3 and up. Preschoolers can travel with Dora throughout Fairytale Land, solving colorful puzzles, helping magical friends and saving the day!

Dora the Explorer: Lost City Adventure - Infogrames - $14.95

Ages 3 and up. Join Dora, Boots and her trusty Map on a journey through exotic locations to the Lost City, a mysterious, hidden place where all lost objects go.

Ernie's Adventures in Space - Mattel - $19.95

Ages 3 and up. Blast off into a galaxy of learning and discovery with Ernie and his spaceship!

Finding Nemo - Disney - $14.95

Ages 4 and up. Help Nemo become a Super Swimmer in this underwater world of fun.

Fisher-Price Great Adventures: Pirate Ship - Davidson - $14.95

Ages 4 to 8. Young swashbucklers are in for the adventure of their lives as they explore every nautical inch of this galleon awash with wonders.

Fisher-Price Great Adventures: Wild Western Town - Knowledge Adventure - $14.95

Ages 3 to 7. Saddle up for some rootin' tootin' fun.

Freddi Fish and Luther's Maze Madness - Homongous - $9.95

Ages 3 to 8. Dive in to help Freddi Fish and Luther navigate a labyrinth of underwater caves and collect the scattered kelp seeds.

Freddi Fish & Luther's Water Worries - Humongous - $10.95

Ages 3 to 8. Junior Arcade Game. Keep the ocean from draining.

Furby: Big Fun in Furbyland - Hasbro - $14.95

Ages 4 to 7. 5 fun games and activities plus an Everything Furby Reference Guide.

Happy Birthday, Maisy - Sound Source - $14.95

Ages 3 to 6. Join Maisy, Charley, Eddie, Cyril and Tallulah as they create, play, and explore.

Hello Kitty: Cutie World - THQ - $14.95

You will have hours of fun playing 8 challenging games that take you from an ice cream shoppe up to the starry sky and everywhere in between!

I Spy Junior - Scholastic - $14.95

Ages 3 to 5. I Spy Junior engages kids with clever rhyming picture riddles, hundreds of colorful objects in familiar environments, and challenging games and activities.

I Spy Puppet Playhouse - Scholastic - $14.95

Ages 3 to 5. Seven engaging play areas come to life using delightful puppets and props.

John Deere Busy Days in Deerfield Valley- Bold Games $25.95

There is a lot to do in Deerfield Valley, the busy town where Danny Dozer and his friends live, work and play.

The Little Raven & Friends: The Tricycle Story - Tivola - $19.95

Ages 3 and up. When the Little Raven finds Eddie Bear’s tricycle he can’t resist taking it for a ride…

Mazes - School Zone - $9.95

Ages 4 to 7. Double the learning fun with this engaging combination of CD-ROM and workbook.

Miss Spider's Tea Party - Simon & Schuster - $14.95

Ages 3 to 7. Eight games of fun, some learning, too...

Mr. Potato Head Activity Pack - Hasbro - $9.95

Ages 3 and up. Puzzles, painting, printing, and more.

Mr. Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley - Hasbro - $9.95

Ages 3 to 7. An exiting, animated adventure, full of surprises and disguises!

Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head Go On Vacation - Hasbro - $9.95

Age 3 and Up. Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head are going global and they're keeping their eyes peeled for their missing luggage.

Muppet Babies Toyland Train - Brighter Child - $9.95

Ages 2 to 5. Toyland Train was created to help little minds develop as they play with their favorite characters from the Muppet Babies TV series.

Outdoor Adventures: Ranger Trail - Fisher-Price - $14.95

Ages 4 to 7. Learn all about nature as your explore the great outdoors.

Pajama Sam's Sock Works - Humongous - $10.95

Ages 3 to 8. A Junior Arcade game with over 250 randomly selected levels for greater replay value.

Putt-Putt Trilogy - Humongous - $19.95

Includes Putt-Putt Joins the Parade, Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon and Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo.

Rescue Heroes: Hurricane Havoc - Fisher-Price- $14.95

Ages 4 to 7. Realistic emergency situations, awesome rescue vehicles and action-oriented activities give your young hero a new adventure every time.

Star Wars Anakin's Speedway - Lucas Learning - $19.95

Ages 4 and up. Create thousands of Podrace test tracks filled with turns, loops, jumps and tunnels and learn the dynamics of speed and momentum!

Spy Fox in Cheese Chase - Humongous - $9.95

Ages 3 to 8. Grab your helmet and help SPY Fox catch Russian Blue and return the prized Limburger Cheese!

Spy Fox in Hold the Mustard - Humongous - $9.95

Ages 3 to 8. Climb aboard to help SPY Fox save the world's ketchup supply from the evil King Konglomerate!

Strawberry Shortcake: Amazing Cookie Party - TLC - $19.95

Ages 4 to 6. Strawberry Shortcake travels the frosted roads of Cakewalk, down the turbulent River Fudge, through Orange Blossom’s Orchards, and into Ginger Snap’s Amazing Cookie Factory.

Stuart Little: Big City Adventures - Infogrames - $14.95

Ages 4 and up. How much fun can a mouse have in the Big City? Five fun games to play with Stuart Little!

Stuart Little 2 - Infogrames - $19.95

Ages 4 and up. Join Stuart for big adventures – fly high over Central Park, skateboard over rooftops or navigate around street-level obstacles in Stuart’s car.

Thomas Saves the Day - Atari - $19.95

Ages 3 to 6. It’s an all-new adventure for Thomas & Friends™ that proves again how teamwork is the best way to overcome challenging situations.

Thomas and Friends: Trouble on the Tracks - Hasbro - $9.95

Ages 3 and up. James has derailed and it's up to Thomas and all of his friends to help him get back on track.

The Three Grouchketeers - Sesame Street - $9.95

Ages 3 to 6. In this parody of The Three Musketeers, King Oscar the Grouch sends Telly, Zoe and Grover on a quest to find his missing Royal Pig.

Tonka Construction - Hasbro - $9.95

Ages 4 and up. Build imagination with your own fleet of Tonka trucks

Tonka Construction Play Pack - Atari - $19.95

Ages 4 and up. Dig, demolish and build with rough-and-ready TONKA trucks and rugged power tools.

Tonka Firefighter - Atari - $19.95

Ages 3 to 6. Nine activities will keep kids aged three to six on their toes as they put out a number of fires, rescue a kitten from a tree, clean up a park, and design a spectacular fireworks celebration.

Tonka Garage - Hasbro - $12.95

Ages 5 and up. There's plenty to be done at Tonka Garage Headquarters - and Tonka Joe needs your help to run the shop.

Tonka Monster Trucks - Infogrames - $19.95

Ages 4 and up. Get ready to enter the exciting world of TONKA Monster Trucks, where kids can create and drive the biggest, toughest trucks around!

Tonka Raceway - Hasbro - $12.95/$19.95

Ages 5 and up. Get ready for rugged racing on 4 different terrains - Desert, Tundra, Jungle, and Country. You design and build the track, right down to wild obstacles for crashing.

Tonka Search & Rescue - Hasbro - $12.95

Ages 4 and up. Join Tonka Joe and the Tonka Search & Rescue team on exciting, land, air, and sea missions.

Tonka Search & Rescue 2 - Infogrames - $19.95

Ages 4 to 7. Join the ranks of brave police officers, firefighters and rescue workers in exciting search and rescue missions.

Tonka Space Station - Hasbro - $19.95

Ages 5 and up. Create, manage & protect your very own Tonka Space Station!

Tonka Tough Game Pack - Hasbro - $19.95

Big Tonka Truck Adventures: Tonka Garage and Tonka Search & Rescue.

Tonka Town - Atari - $19.95

Ages 3 to 6. For kids who love trucks, there’s no town like TONKA TOWN!

Upside Town - Interactive Publishing - $12.95

Ages 4-7. Puzzles, shapes, and a shooting gallery.

Veggie Tales: The Mystery of Veggie Island - Big Idea - $14.95

Ages 5 and up. Led by Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber, you'll help Junior Asparagus earn his merit badges while playing island games.

Zoboomafoo: Animal Kids - Brighter Child - $9.95

Ages 3 to 8. The hit PBS Kids TV series is leaping onto your computer with 10 fun and educational activities.

Zoboomafoo: Creature Quest - Brighter Child - $19.95

Ages 3 to 6. Watch your child’s eyes light up as they go in hot pursuit of hidden treasure and amazing animal discoveries with their favorite leaping lemur!

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