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Basic Learning Skills

Arthur's Preschool - The Learning Company - $14.95

Ages 3 to 5. As children help Arthur and his friends look for good deeds to do in the community, they learn essential reading and math skills in addition to real life skills.

Blue's ABC Time Activities- Infogrames- $9.95

Explore the world of letters, sounds, and words with Blue and her friends in this activity pack filled with multi-level learning games.

Blue's Clues Preschool - Atari - $15.95

Ages 3 to 5. You can learn core preschool skills at every turn as you play Blue’s Preschool!

Blue's Learning Time - Infogrames - $14.95

Ages 3 to 6. Includes two titles: Blue's ABC Time Activities and Blue's 1-2-3 Time Activities.

Caillou Alphabet - Brighter Child - $9.95

Join Caillou and his friends as they teach your child about the alphabet. Play in English, Spanish, or French.

Caillou Colors and Shapes - Brighter Child - $9.95

Join Caillou and his friends as they teach your child preschool about colors and shapes. Play in English, Spanish, or French.

Caillou Preschool - Brighter Child - $19.95

More than 60 activities that will help get your child ready for preschool! Learn in English, Spanish or French.

Clifford Learning Activities - Scholastic - $14.95

Ages 4 to 6. Children explore and learn with Clifford, Cleo, and T-Bone as they travel around Birdwell Island helping their neighbors and playing ten skill-building activities.

Curious George Young Readers' Series - HMI - $24.95

Ages 2 to 6. Includes Early Learning adventure, ABC Adventure and Visits the Lake.

Disney Preschool Collection - Disney - $19.95

Ages 2 to 5. Includes Disney's Mickey Mouse Preschool, Disney's Winnie the Pooh Preschool, and Stanley Tiger Tales.

Disney Toddler Collection - Disney - $19.95

Ages 18 to 36 months. Includes: Disney's Mickey Mouse Toddler, Disney's Winnie the Pooh Toddler and Rolie Polie Olie The Search for Spot.

Dr. Seuss Preschool - The Learning Company - $9.95

Ages 2 to 4. Join Horton the Elephant and all of your favorite Dr. Seuss characters on a whimsical journey to help baby Elma Sue search for her mother.

Fisher-Price Ready for School: Kindergarten - Davidson - $12.95

Ages 4 to 6. A multimedia playland that teaches kids the skills they need to get a head start on kindergarten.

Grover's Travels - Sesame Street - $9.95

Ages 3 to 6. Grover's Travels is a parody of the classic tale Gulliver's Travels. This immersive tale helps you learn numbers, shapes, sound recognition and story comprehension.

JumpStart Advanced Preschool v2.0 - Knowledge Adventure - $21.95

Ages 1 1/2 to 4, Fully prepare your toddler for preschool with this four CD educational set.

Jump Start Pre-K - Knowledge Adventure

Ages 3 to 5. The recommended follow-up to Preschool that guarantees Pre-Kindergarten readiness. See JumpStart Preschool Fun Pack.

Jump Start Preschool - Knowledge Adventure - $9.95

Ages 2 to 4. A full year of letters, numbers, shapes and colors.

JumpStart Preschool Deluxe - Knowledge Adventure - $19.95

Join Kisha, Casey, Eleanor and Pierre on a fun-filled tour of the Preschool classroom. Plus a 2nd CD - Around the World.

JumpStart Preschool Fun Pack - Knowledge Adventure - $19.95

Ages 3 to 5. Includes JumpStart Pre-K, JumpStart ABC's, and JumpStart Numbers.

Land Before Time: Preschool Adventure - Sound Source - $14.95

Ages 3 to 5. Helps your child match shapes, recognize colors, learn the alphabet and build counting skills.

Land Before Time: Toddler Time - Sound Source - $14.95

Ages 2 to 4. Helps your child: follow directions, identify shapes and numbers, build memory skills.

LEGO Preschool - Lego Media - $14.95

Ages 2 to 4. Choose a Learning Environment: Math, Art, Music or Language

Madeline Preschool - SelectSoft - $9.95

Bonjour! Madeline can't wait to explore her town with you!

Mario's Early Years - $14.95

Age 2-6. Fun w/ Letters, Numbers, PS Fun

Mickey Mouse Preschool - Disney - $14.95

Ages 2 to 4. Preschoolers will explore a supportive learning environment in a roadside pit-stop off the highway near Mickey's home.

Mickey Mouse Toddler - Disney - $14.95

Ages 18 months to 3 years. The comfortable setting of Mickey's neighborhood serves as an ideal learning environment.

Millie & Bailey Kindergarten - Edmark - $19.95

Ages 4 to 6. With a wide variety of carefully-structured activities, Millie and Bailey foster your child's ability to solve problems independently.

Millie & Bailey Preschool - Edmark - $9.95

Ages 3 to 5. A playful place where preschoolers learn they can succeed. Millie and Bailey are exceptional friends.

Monster Clubhouse - Sesame Street - $9.95

Ages 2 to 5. Learn fundamental preschool skills such as rhyming, matching, shapes and colors, musical composition, pattern identification, labeling emotions, and much more!

My First CD-ROM Preschool - DK Multimedia - $9.95

Ages 3 to 5. A totally engaging way for preschoolers to learn letters, numbers and more!

My First CD-ROM Toddler - DK Multimedia - $9.95

Ages 1 1/2 to 3. Fundamental skill-building activities that give your child the best possible start in life.

Numbers & Letters Excelerator - Topics - $24.95

Ages 2 to 5. This educational CD-ROM suite for children delivers endless hours of exciting learning adventure, ensuring the acquisition and retention of fundamental spelling and counting skills.

The Playroom - Broderbund - $9.95

Ages 3 to 6. Introduces counting and ABCs.

Reader Rabbit Playtime for Baby & Toddler - The Learning Company - $12.95

Ages 1 to 3. Even the tiniest tots can experience the joy of learning with Reader Rabbit and friends.

Reader Rabbit's Preschool - The Learning Company - $12.95

Ages 3 to 5. In Reader Rabbit's Preschool, adorable characters lead children in activities that promote coordination, rhythm, and balance-getting them energized and ready to learn through playing!

Snap Dragon - $14.95

Ages 3-6. Building math, science, reading

Stringalongs - FlagTower - $14.95

Over 50 great games that build your child's learning skills.

Toddler's Play and Learn - Topics - $24.95

Ages 2 to 4. babyWow!, Buddy Brush and The Painted Playhouse, The Elephant in Aisle Four and Smiletown.

Winnie the Pooh Preschool - Disney - $14.95

Ages 2 to 4. Yahooooooo! Pooh is holding a special birthday celebration for Eeyore!

Winnie the Pooh Toddler - Disney - $14.95

Ages 18 months to 3 years. Join Winnie the Pooh and his friends in delightful activities that encourage toddlers to "think, think, think."

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