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Military Flight Simulators

A-10 Cuba! - Activision - $14.95

Climb into the cockpit of the world's toughest, ugliest and most brutal airborne assault vehicle.

AHX-1- GT Interactive - $38.95

Intense mission-based fight simulation and search-and-destroy gameplay.

Apache - Interactive Magic - $9.95

"A flight game with such broad appeal that everyone from arcade players to hard-core sim hounds should delight in it."

Black Knight- Form Gen - $18.95

"If you've always wanted to try a combat flight sim, but didn't know where to start, Black Knight could be your bird." - PC Entertainment

Comanche 3 - Nova Logic - $14.95

Introducing Comanche 3, the totally new version of the world's most technically advanced helicopter: The RAH-66 Comanche.

Comanche 4 - Nova Logic - $19.95

Take command of the U.S. Army's premier attack helicopter, the RAH-66 Comanche.

Combat Flight Simulator 2 WWII Pacific Theater - Microsoft - $34.95

Beautifully rendered battle sites such as Papua New Guinea, The Marianas, the Gilberts, and Midway capture historical scenes in vivid detail, from jungle hillsides to coral reefs.

Combat Flight Simulator 3: Battle for Europe - Microsoft - $39.95

As a pilot in Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3, you fly in the historical framework of the tactical air war in northwest Europe starting in mid-1943, but there’s a significant difference.

Dawn Patrol - Empire Interactive - $14.95

WW I Flight Sim. "Dawn Patrol offers a lot of flying time for the money in a very unique format." - Computer Gaming World.

EF2000 v 2.0 - DID - $19.95

The Russians are invading Norway and it's up to the international force of EF2000 Jet fighters to stop them.

Enemy Engaged: Apache Havoc - Empire - $19.95

East meets West in an apocalyptic clash of the superpowers as the US Apache Longbow and the Russian havoc go head to head.

Eurofighter Typhoon - Rage - $19.95

You are part of ICEFOR's elite Eurofighter Typhoon squadron - outnumbered but superbly equipped.

European Air War - Microprose - $14.95/$19.95

The long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed and award-winning 1942: The Pacific Air War.

F-16 Aggressor - Bethesda - $14.95

"F-16 Aggressor manages to combine all the essential elements of a good flight sim into one attractively designed package." - Game Power

iF/A-18E Carrier Strike Fighter - Interactive Magic - $19.95

Experience the Super Hornet's avionics and flight dynamics as never before while inflicting its full arsenal of weapons on the enemy.

iF-22 Persian Gulf - Interactive Magic - $19.95

Use stealth technology, aerobatic skills, and tactical planning to win campaigns in Bosnia, the Ukraine, and the Persian Gulf.

iF-22 Raptor - Interactive Magic - $9.95

The Realistic Simulation of the F-22 Raptor. First Look, First Shot, First Kill.

Fighter Duel - Philips - $18.95

Fly one of 13 classic World War II dogfighters in pulse-pounding battles.

Fighter Squadron: Screamin' Demons Over Europe - Activision - $19.95

"Flight sim fans are going to go nuts over the game's incredibly realistic physics/damage model..." - PC Games Magazine

Flanker 2: Combat Flight Simulator - SSI - $19.95

Flanker 2.0 features stunning graphics and streamlined playability - without compromising the technical excellence of its famous predecessor!

Flight Sim Toolkit: World War II - Domark - $8.95

The first flight sim to capture the fury of D-Day & Midway.

Flying Corps - Empire - $14.95

Find out how it feels to fly and fight with the thrilling forerunners to modern fighter planes and experience the gritty realism of airborne conflict in World War I.

Flying Corps Gold - Empire - $14.95

Fight your way through the smoke and thunder of four decisive engagements: The Battle of Cambrai, The Flying Circus, Hat-in-the-Ring and the climatic Spring Offensive of 1918.

Gunship! Rock the Bloc - MicroProse - $9.95/$19.95

Experience total immersion at the front line in one of today's most advanced weapons platforms.

IL-2 Sturmovik - UbiSoft - $19.95

For the first time ever fly the mystical Russian IL-2 Sturmovik ground attack aircraft during WWII on the Eastern front!

IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles - UbiSoft - $24.95

Forgotten Battles features World War II's most feared and revered fighter planes, including the German Stuka and American P-47.

Jane's Attack Squadron- Xicat- $19.95

Relive the honor, the glory, and the triumph of the greatest aerial fighter sever to grace history books. Join the fray in a sprawling campaign, reenacting the deadliest sky battles in the European Theatre of World War II.

JetFighter III - Mission Studios - $19.95

Fly multiple fighters of 3.5 million square miles of real-world terrain.

Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) - Eidos - $14.95

The chance to fly both the highly classified Lockheed X35 and the Boeing X32 - now.

KA-52: Team Alligator - GT Interactive - $14.95

Command 16 devastating Russian Alligator assault helicopters through over 100 team-based, true-to-combat campaigns.

Lock On: Modern Air Combat - UbiSoft - $39.95

Lock On: Modern Air Combat combines a broad scope of game play that includes engaging missions, an immersive combat environment, and in-your-face action.

Pacific Fighters - UbiSoft - $34.95

The award-winning flight combat from Oleg Maddox’s IL-2 series moves the setting from the Eastern front to the fierce combat of the Pacific theater.

Rowan's Battle of Britain - Empire - $19.95

Rowan's Battle of Britain is a real-time combat flight simulation depicting the Luftwaffe's raids over British skies.

Sabre Ace: Conflict Over Korea - Virgin - $9.95

The Korean War. A great time to be a pilot.

SU-27 Flanker - Strategic Simulations - $9.95

Russian SU-27 Flight Simulator. Own the Sky.

SU-27 Squadron Commander's Edition - SSI - $4.95/$19.95

Contains the SU-27 Flanker, version 1.5 upgrade and the 150 additional missions.

Team Apache: Helicopter Combat - Mindscape - $14.95

Scaleable play modes range from pure arcade for beginners to hard-core sim for experienced players.

Top Gun - Spectrum HoloByte - $14.95/$19.95

F-14 Flight Simulator. Experience the ultimate that modern dogfighting has to offer.

Total Air War - DID - $19.95

Complete and compelling simulation of a modern air combat campaign.

U.S. Navy Fighters - EA - $14.95

"This game pushes the envelope at every seam as it strives to deliver a thorough simulation of training, action, and life aboard a U.S. air-craft carrier." - CD-ROM Today

WarBirds: Dawn of Aces - Interactive Magic - $14.95

A mega multiplayer simulation of WWI air combat based on IMOL's successful WarBirds game engine.

Warbirds III: Fighter Pilot Academy - Simon & Schuster - $14.95

WarBirds III, Fighter Pilot Academy (FPA), brings a new level of sophistication to World War II game simulations.

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