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Other Sports

3 Pack - Head Games - $19.95

Brunswick ProPool 3D, Dart Pro, and AMF ProBowl 3D.

American Chopper - Activision - $19.95

Create, build and ride your very own American Chopper!

AMF ProBowl 3D - Head Games - $17.95

Challenge the computer or play friends over the internet with the most advanced bowling simulator.

Bruce Jenner's World Class Decathlon - Interactive Magic - $8.95

Assume the role of a world-class decathlete taking part in the World Class Decathlon.

Championship Surfer - Game Studios - $19.95

Championship surfer is a surf rider's dream with 10 outrageous beaches, 5 to 30 foot, breakers, and 8 world class surfers.

Cycling Manager 2 - Singularity - $29.95

CM2 lets you take control of one of the 60 professional teams available in the game and participate in the most important international races.

ESPN's Extreme Games - Sony Imagesoft - $18.95

Rip up courses on in-line skates, shoot for max speed on the street luge, pull serious air on the skateboard, and shred courses on the mountain bike.

Extreme Boards & Blades - HeadGames - $14.95

Lace up your blades and grab your helmet. Pick your board and choose your desired event.

Extreme Sports - Medio - $19.95

Experience 20 High-Risk, Adrenaline Pumping, Endurance Sports.

Front Page Sports: Ski Racing - Sierra - $9.95

Front Page Sports: Ski Racing is the only adrenaline-pumping, action-packed ski simulator for the PC.

Horse Racing Manager - Big Ben Interactive - $29.95

Choose whether to play the game as an owner, breeder, trainer, jockey or punter.

NHL 2003 - EA Sports - $24.95

With all the teams, all the stars, and all the speed, power and moves of pro hockey, NHL® 2003 puts you on the ice and lets you rule the rink!

NHL 2004 - EA Sports - $29.95

NHL® 2004 brings professional hockey to life like never before, with crisp passes, searing slap-shots, and a variety of new ways to check your opponent to regain control of the puck.

Rugby 2004 - EA Sports - $29.95

Lead your team to victory in the fast-paced action of World Cup Rugby.

US Open 2002 - Strategy First - $29.95

For the casual as well as the passionate fan, US OPEN 2002 combines responsive gameplay and stunningly realistic settings.

Virtual Pool - Interplay - $4.95/$9.95

The Ultimate Pool Simulator

Virtual Pool Hall - Interplay - $14.95

Includes Virtual Pool 2 plus Snooker, Billiards and five other great games.

Virtual Skipper - UbiSoft - $14.95

Seize the helm and test your seafaring savvy against the world's best yacht crews.

Wild Ride: Surf Shack - Interplay - $4.95

The Ultimate 3D Surf Simulator. Surf's Up!

World Championship Snooker - Codemasters - $14.95

The most in-depth and realistic snooker simulation you will ever have played.

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