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Sci-Fi Strategy Games

Alien Legacy - Sierra - $14.95

Decide the Fate of Humanity. Explore and colonize the Beta Caeli star system.

Alien Nations - JoWooD - $19.95

3 completely different nations on one planet - will it work out?

Allegiance - Microsoft - $32.95

"Multiplayer Space Combat on a Grand Scale." - IGN PC

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri - Firaxis Games - $9.95/$19.95

The next evolution in strategy games, with the most addictive, compelling gameplay yet.

Ares Rising - Imagine Studios - $9.95

A space combat simulation game which combines the action of space combat with strategic planning and a gripping plot.

Conquest Earth - Eidos - $14.95

"The visual effects are spectacular and grow more intense as you zoom into a particular firefight" - Strategy Plus

Conquest: Frontier Wars - UbiSoft - $14.95

Expand your universe. Fleet-based real-time strategy.

Dark Reign 2 - Activision - $19.95

This is war, up close and personal. Welcome to the battlefield of the future.

Deadlock - Accolade - $12.95

Compete for a virgin planet against the colonies of six opposing alien species.

Dominant Species - Red Storm - $19.95

Unwelcome humans have arrived on your planet and threaten to upset the balance.

Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3 - Eidos - $19.95

In the future, there will be no violence. No hatred. No war. Yeah, right.

Dune 2000 - Westwood Studios - $14.95

Dune 2000 places you in the futuristic Dune universe, as you battle for control of the valuable spice, Melange.

Earth 2150 - SSI - $19.95

In a deteriorating landscape with hostile weather conditions, you’ll need all your cunning and intelligence to defeat your enemies.

Emperor: Battle for Dune - Westwood - $29.95

Experience firsthand the full 3D universe of Dune - one of the greatest science fiction sagas of all time.

Enemy Infestation - Ripcord - $9.95/$19.95

Join a group of unsuspecting colonists, as swarms of insidious aliens rip a merciless path of destruction.

Eve Online - Crucial - $19.95

Played on the Net, it takes place in a world that is alive and kicking every hour, every day. Players are spaceship captains cruising around the universe, trading, fighting and communicating with other players.

Fallen Haven - Interactive Magic - $19.95

Warlike aliens have mounted a campaign: total conquest.

Homeworld 2 - Sierra - $19.95

Homeworld 2 chronicles the valiant journey of the Mothership and its crew into the oldest regions of the galaxy to confront their new foe and discover the truth behind their exile.

Imperium Galactica - GT Interactive - $19.95

Only you can decide how to balance warfare, colony management, research and production.

I-War: Enter Infinity - Ocean - $19.95

Chapter One: Rebellion. This is the time when your destiny becomes your own.

Independence War: The Starship Simualtor - Ocean - $19.95

"...the closest thing yet to a convincing simulation of piloting a starship..." - Computer Gaming World

Independence War Deluxe Edition - Infogrames - $24.95

Includes Defiance an all new 18 mission campaign plus the Space Simulation of the Year, Independence War.

Malkari - Interactive Magic - $14.95

The long-dead Malkarians have finally found their savior - you.

Master of Orion II - Microprose - $14.95

Forge an empire in a universe where population growth is outstripping planetary resources.

Master of Orion 3 - Infogrames - $19.95

No longer do you represent mere interplanetary dictators; in Master of Orion 3, you become the controlling force behind an entire galactic civilization.

MAX 2: Mechanized Assault & Exploration - Interplay - $14.95

Dynamic real-time and turn-based strategy from the developers of M.A.X. the award winning predecessor.

MechCommander - MicroProse - $19.95

Here you will take command of a company of MechWarriors. You'll discover the awesome responsibility of having troops trust you with their lives.

MechCommander Gold - MicroProse - $19.95

The complete MechCommander experience: new missions, new weapons and systems, and new easy-to-use mission builder.

Millennia: Altered Destinies - Take 2 - $14.95

10,000 years of strategic time travel

Moon Project - SSI - $19.95

Discovery of a lunar base abandoned by a mysterious alien race ignites a sequel to Earth 2150.

Phoenix - MicroProse - $36.95

Fiendishly intelligent enemies, realistic flight dynamics, and a unique branching plot.

Project Earth: Starmageddon - DreamCatcher - $14.95

Its' a story as epic as the vast expanses of space. As mankind prepares a fleet to colonize a new planet in the Alpha Centauri system, the fleet is beset upon by a league of alien ships.

Reach for the Stars - SSI - $19.95

Mankind reached for the stars - and found that the galaxy is NOT a friendly neighborhood.

Rebel Moon Rising - GT - $14.95

A First-Person 3D Sci-Fi Adventure for Intel MMX Technology

Reunion - Grandslam - $14.95

Accomplish a reunion between the Old Earth and the New.

River World - Cryo - $24.95

Christopher Columbus, Attila the Hun, Rockefeller, Albert Einstein, General Eisenhower...What a management team!

Star Command Revolution - GT Interactive - $28.95

More to control. More to command. More to conquer.

StarCraft - Blizzard - $12.95

"Best strategy game yet!" - Computer Gaming World. From the creators of Diablo and WarCraft II.

StarCraft Expansion Set: Brood War - Blizzard - $9.95

The Overmind is dead. Now each species must develop all-new weapons of war to ensure its survival.

StarCraft Battle Chest - Blizzard - $19.95

Includes StarCraft and StarCraft Expansion Set: Brood War.

Starships Unlimited: Divided Galaxies - Matrix Games - $39.95

In Starships Unlimited, your main tools are the precious starships you design, build, upgrade and command.

Star Trek The Next Generation Birth of the Federation - Microprose - $19.95

Explore, conquer and lead the vast Star Trek universe!

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy - Interplay - $29.95

There is a place in the galaxy where legends are born. Welcome to Starfleet Academy.

Star Trek: Starfleet Command Gold Edition - Interplay - $24.95

The best-selling Star Trek: Starfleet Command game plus 30 new missions.

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga - Lucas Arts - $19.95

The destiny of a galaxy hangs in the balance. You must lead the great armies of the Star Wars saga in intense real-time strategy clashes across land, sea and air.

Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided - Lucas Arts - $39.95

Choose your own path, and define your role as you prepare to take your rightful place in the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: Republic Commando- Lucas Arts- $25.95

Explore the dark and gritty world of the Star Wars military in LucasArts' intense new squad based first person shooter; Star Wars Republic Commando.

Submarine Titans - Strategy First - $19.95

Submarine Titans dares you to go where no real-time strategy game has gone before - Deep into the 3 dimensional heart of a fantastical underwater universe.

Syndicate Plus - BullFrog - $14.95

Step into a dark future where "changing your mind" takes on a whole new meaning.

The Tone Rebellion - Virgin - $14.95

Uncommon blending of real-time strategy and puzzle-solving adventure.

WarHeads - Ionos - $19.95

A series of planetary struggles in an unexplored quadrant in space.

War of the Worlds - Rage - $14.95

It's 1898. Escaping from their dying red planet, Martian forces unleash a sinister attack on the United Kingdom.

Waterworld: The Quest for Dry Land - Interplay - $14.95

A drowning planet with only one hope. You.

X-COM: Interceptor - MicroProse - $22.95

To blow away these aliens, you'll have to use a totally different kind of weapon: Your Brain.

X-COM: Terror from Deep - MicroProse - $29.95

"This sequel is as good as the original, and it's one of the best games out there."

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