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Historical Strategy Games

1503 A.D. - Sunflowers - $29.95

The New World is yours for the taking in this epic saga of adventure and discovery.

1602 A.D. - Sunflowers - $14.95

Your goal is to create a whole new world. Explore, construct, settle, trade and defend - That is the challenge before you!

Admiral Sea Battles - MegaMedia - $17.95

Time-travel to the days when naval power was held by great sailing vessels. A time when pirates and rogues seized control of land and ships.

Age of Empires II Gold Edition - Microsoft - $29.95

Includes: Age of Empires II: Age of Kings and the Conquerors Expansion.

Age of Empires Gold Edition -Xplosiv - $19.95

Includes: Age of Empires and Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome

American Conquest - CDV - $19.95

In the year 1492, you travel to America as Christopher Columbus and light the spark that will kindle 300 years of heated battles for land, riches and freedom.

Ancient Conquest: Quest for the Golden Fleece - Dream Catcher - $9.95

Ancient Conquest is a real-time strategy set in the days when heroes like Hercules and Zetes lived.

Braveheart - Eidos - $14.95

You've seen the movie, you know the legend ... now live the life.

Caesar III - Sierra - $19.95

As a provincial governor charged with spreading the glory of Rome your mission is clear: build cities, foster trade and industry, make money.

Celtic Kings: Rage of War - Strategy First - $24.95

Celtic Kings is a real time game that blends strategy, role-playing and adventure elements.

Central Intelligence - Ocean of America - $8.95

Play a CIA spy. Remove a fascist dictator from power.

Chariots of War - Strategy First - $19.95

4000 years ago in the Cradle of Civilization, mighty Empires fought for water, resources and the arable land in the Fertile Crescent. Play as the Egyptians, the Babylonians, screaming Nubian warriors, or the Assyrians.

Civilization - Microprose - $4.95/$9.95

Build an empire to stand the test of time.

Civilization II - Microprose - $9.95/$14.95

Stand the test of time or you're history! Great sequel!

Civilization II Gold - MicroProse - $19.95

The classic Civilization II and two scenario packs: Conflicts in Civilization and CIV II Fantastic Worlds.

Civilization II Test of Time - MicroProse - $19.95

Build a powerful civilization that will thrive and dominate - and then travel to new worlds to continue your epic journey of conquest into the unknown.

Civilization III - Infogrames - $9.95/$19.95

It's history in the making from Sid Meier. Rewrite history with the greatest game of all time.

Civilization: Call to Power - Activision - $9.95

The next generation of the greatest strategy game series of all time.

Colonization - Microprose - $14/95/$19.95

Sid Meier takes you into the Colonial Era to discover, explore and colonize.

Conquest of the New World Deluxe - Interplay - $14.95

Lured on by the possibilities of untold riches and power in the new world, you must wrest for control against other colonizing European powers.

Corsairs: Conquest at Sea - Microids - $14.95

Plunge into a world of adventure and freedom and discover the excitement of sailing, the thirst for gold, thundering cannons and savage pirate attacks.

Cutthroats - Eidos - $9.95/$14.95

Flint, Shot and a Smoking Cannon! Wealth is the name of the game and if you haven't got it ... steal it. Sophisticated real-time strategy set on the high seas requiring all the cunning and aggression you can muster. Will you survive to retire a Pirate King, or end your days on Gallow's Rock?

Destiny - Interactive Magic - $8.95

World domination from Stone Age to Space Age

Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs - Strategy First - $19.95

Travel back in time to one of the most important battles in Chinese history. The Battle of Red Cliffs was regarded as a great milestone in the Three Kingdoms period.

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom - Sierra - $19.95

Epic in scope, Emperor spans seven dynasties and more than 3,000 years of Chinese history—from China's pre-imperial Xia dynasty circa 2100 BCE to the Mongol invasion of the Middle Kingdom under Genghis Khan in 1211 CE.

Empire Earth - Sierra - $19.95

Mastermind a civilization's glorious rise to power throughout any period of human history.

Empire Earth Gold Edition - Sierra - $29.95

Included in the Gold Edition: The original Empire Earth, Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest, and the Prima Strategy Guide for both games.

Europa 1400: The Guild - JoWooD - $39.95

Build a successful family dynasty spanning 200 years beginning at the turn of the 15th Century.

Europa Universalis - Paradox - $19.95

Global conquest and diplomacy from Columbus to Napoleon.

Europa Universalis II 1419-1820 - Paradox - $19.95

A global struggle for supremacy from the dark times of Joan of Arc to the flaming wars of Napoleon.

Far West - JoWooD - $19.95

Strap on those Spurs for a Wild West, Wagon-Rollin’ Bank-Heistin’ Gunslingin’ PC Simulation!

The Great Empires Collection II - Sierra - $29.95

Includes: Zeus, Poseidon, Caesar III, Pharaoh, and Cleopatra.

Imperialism II - SSI - $19.95

Your objective is to skillfully parlay discovery into riches and amass enough power to dominate Europe's political landscape.

Knights & Merchants - Interactive Magic - $19.95

Knights and Merchants elegantly recreates the arcane Middle Ages with extraordinary detail and lush graphics.

Knights of the Cross - Cenega - $19.95

Knights of the Cross is a strategic game based upon historical facts and a well- known Polish novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz.

Legion - Slitherine Strategies - $14.95

Legion is a revolutionary, high-level strategy game, which unfolds during the rich history that was the Roman Empire.

Merchant Prince II - TalonSoft - $19.95

Venture deep into the heart of the Renaissance, a time when valiant traders braved storms, pirates, and disease to amass fortunes.

No Man's Land - CDV - $19.95

America is yours for the taking: from colonizing the East to settling the Wild West - give it your best shot!

Patritian II - Strategy First - $19.95

A real-time trading simulation featuring elements of construction and the hisitorical background of maritime trade in Northern Europe during the 1300s.

Pharaoh - Sierra - $19.95

Impressions Games, creators of the award-winning Caesar III, take you farther back in time with this stunning strategic city-building game set in the mysterious and beautiful land of the Nile. Welcome to ancient Egypt.

Rise of Nations - Microsoft - $39.95

Dominate 6,000 years of history from the Ancient Age to the Information Age.

Robin Hood: Legend of Sherwood - Strategy First - $39.95

A fascinating universe with strong-willed, powerful characters, Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood, takes you on a voyage through medieval Sherwood with a fistful of arrows and a heart full of courage.

Settlers III - Blue Byte - $14.95

Real-time strategic simulation of tactics, prosperity, combat and growth.

Settlers III Mission CD Plus Level Editor - Blue Byte - $9.95

A host of even more demanding challenges face our Settlers' champions...

Settlers III: Quest of the Amazons - Blue Byte - $14.95

The mighty Amazon race has entered the realm of the Settlers.

Settlers III: Ultimate Collection - Blue Byte - $24.95

Includes the full version The Settlers III, The Settlers III Mission CD, the expansion pack, Quest of the Amazons as well as a slew of Gold Edition extras.

The Settlers IV - Blue Byte - $29.95

The Romans, Mayans and Vikings are the three industrious little races you'll be settling with.

Settlers IV Gold Edition - Blue Byte - $39.95

Settlers IV, Settlers IV Mission CD, and the add-on The Settlers IV - The Trojans and the Elixir of Power.

Seven Kingdoms - Interactive Magic - $9.95

A real-time saga of intrigue and diplomacy, of trade, conquest and espionage.

Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries- Interactive Magic - $14.95

New terrain, new nationalities, new gods, new scenarios, and new gameplay enhancements.

Seven Kingdoms II: The Fryhtan Wars - UbiSoft - $14.95

In Seven Kingdoms II, The Fryhtan Wars you can take charge of one of 12 ancient kingdoms or you can give your darker side free reign and play as the leader of a Fryhtan horde.

Theocracy - UbiSoft - $14.95

Theocracy is a real-time strategy game in which you take control of one of the Aztec tribes, develop the tribe to its ultimate destiny, and resist the Spanish conquistadors.

Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon - Eidos - $14.95

Based on the historical background of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, go back to 184AD and relive the turbulent battles of ancient China.

Tides of War - GT Interactive - $19.95

A real-time strategic 3D maritime adventure of exploration, resource management and nautical combat.

Tom Clancy's Politika - Mindscape - $19.95

The strategy game of political intrigue in modern day Russia

Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun - Strategy First - $9.95

Guide your nation from the era of absolute monarchies of the early 19th century to evolve into a fully industrialized Great Power at the dawn of the 20th century!

War and Peace 1796-1815 - Microids - $19.95

War & Peace is a strategy and conquest game giving you the reins of one of the 6 major nations of the early 19th century: France, England, Austria, Prussia, Russia and the Ottoman Empire. You’ll play during Napoleons’ most crucial wars.

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