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ZOOM Big Top 3 Pack
Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1) (Jewel Case) (3PACKFKKPJ)



Ages: 3 to 8

Hello Kitty Big Fun Deluxe, Felix the Cat Cartoon Toolbox and Keroppi Day Hopper

Hello Kitty Big Fun Deluxe


4 1/2 stars from CD-ROM Today

Hello Kitty Big Fun Deluxe Teaches Essential Learning Skills. 4 Software Packages on one CD-ROM!

Big Fun Piano

Kids learn to play fun, familiar songs interactively with the help of Hello Kitty's Big Fun Piano. Narration encourages kids to play, while positive reinforcement inspires them to continue playing!

Big Fun Shapes and Numbers

Interactive animation, sound effects, and voice narration make this powerful learning program irresistible. Kids learn adding, subtracting, shapes, numbers, color recognition, and more! Hello Kitty's Big Fun Shapes and Numbers is always ready to teach kids the basics of early learning!

Big Fun Art

With over 225 stamps, dozens of fun sounds, and tons of colors, kids have hours of fun on and off the computer coloring, creating and printing their own masterpieces. Each work of art can be saved, and printed with the touch of a button.

Big Fun Storymaking

Two interactive stories help kids learn word recognition and reading while they create their own stories! Pre-readers and early readers drive the animation throughout the story while they create dozens of different stories.

Hello Kitty Big Fun Deluxe Reviews:

CD-ROM Today, June 1995

"Hello Kitty combines four activities designed for ages three to eight. The learning value of the software is greatest for preschoolers, but older kids will use the disc for the amusement of it rather than for its challenge. However, the vibrant colors, adorable illustrations, and fool-proof interface will keep everyone coming back."

"The combination of activities make Hello Kitty Big Fun Deluxe a very attractive title for young users. As parents and teachers know, it's so much easier for children to learn when they're enjoying themselves."

Felix the Cat Cartoon Toolbox


5 stars from Electronic Entertainment.

3 stars from CD-ROM Today.

Kids Can Make Real Saturday Morning Cartoons!

1. Pick your cartoon location from over 50 colorful backgrounds.

2. Over 200 unique props let you customize each scene.

3. Choose your cast! Each character has more than 300 dynamic movements and gestures.

4. Bring excitement to each scene with 270 irresistible sound effects and tunes.

5. Add some action with over 30 exciting effects including full frame effects and endings.

Save your cartoon creations on disk, then your friends can watch it on their computer whether they have Big Top's Cartoon Toolbox or not.

Felix the Cat Cartoon Toolbox Reviews:

Electronic Entertainment, June 1995

"Let your Saturday-morning TV mavens direct their own wacky cartoons with Big Top's Cartoon Toolbox Starring Felix the Cat. The easy-to-use program helps kids create animated stories starring such classic characters as Felix, the Professor, Poindexter, Vavoom, Rock Bottom, and Master Cylinder.

"To make a cartoon, kids create a storyboard using the program's scenery, characters, props, special effects, and sounds. It helps to have an idea in mind, because the program's overwhelming number of choices can confuse the storyboarding process. To animate a character, kids simply drag it in the direction they want it to move. It's easy enough to edit each frame of the cartoon, but fine- tuning is more limited. A single character can appear only once in each frame; adding another set of movements overrides the original, for example.

"The Cartoon Toolbox is quite sophisticated, even for the recommended age of 9 and up. It sports near-professional editing tools and high-quality graphics that resemble bigscreen 'toons. Besides being lots of fun, the program encourages kids to take an active approach to multimedia.

CD-ROM Today, June 1995

"Although this title's visual presentation is excellent, sometimes getting a cartoon's element to flow smoothly together can prove to be a struggle. While each one of the separate animated pieces in a finished cartoon may look pretty good on their own, they never seem to fit together very well. While this colorful program is a perfect title to keep kids busy on a rainy afternoon, it won't deliver more than a passing nostalgia to the adult user."

New Media, September 1995

"We weren't sure Felix the Cat Cartoon Toolbox was NewMedia material...until our art director's 6-year-old son Zachary spent about four hours mesmerized by it. It teaches the basics of animation and editing. You can add a musical score, change backdrops and create high drama with good guys vs. bad guys. Did we rigorously test Felix, holding it up to NewMedia's tough standards? No. We just spent the afternoon coming up with excuses to try and grab the mouse away from a little boy who was obviously having more fun than we were."

Keroppi Day Hopper

Makes Writing Fun Everyday!

Personal Journal. Packed with thought-provoking prompts that stimulate young writers, the journal is a fun, exciting place to explore creative writing. And, to ensure privacy, the journal can be accessed only with the young author's personal password.

Family Calendar. The Calendar is deceptively simple to use, and quick, too. It's a thorough organizer that parents will find as valuable as kids do. Packed with zany stamps and witty graphics, this organizer allows you to view your activities daily, weekly and monthly.

Address Book. The Address Book is a fun, quick way to track friends' phone numbers, birthdays, addresses and more. The intuitive interface allows you to input and access information rapidly. It's innovative design incorporates three direct ways to locate your listings. Like the Calendar, this powerful tool is as useful as it is fun.

Packed with creative writing ideas and personalized prompts for new inspiration each writing day.

Notes made in calendar automatically appear as prompts in the journal.

Hundreds of the most used vocabulary words produce zany sounds that keep writing fun.

Personal secret passwords ensure the privacy young writers need.

An effective tool for introducing kids to organization and planning.

Requirements: RAM 4 MB minimum, 256 colors, 640x480 or higher resolution, SoundBlaster or compatible sound card, CD-ROM drive.

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