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ZOOM Berlitz
Passport to 31 Languages
$14.95 (Win95/98 Only) (Jewel Case) (31LANGPJ)

Publisher: The Learning Company

Reference / Languages

Break the Language Barrier!

This state-of-the-art language learning tool offers 31 world languages and extra features to make practicing your new language skills both fun and exciting. Compare your pronunciation to that of native speakers and track your progress with advanced speech-recognition technology. When learning it this much fun, you'll easily learn the vocabulary, key phrases, and cultural information needed to travel with ease or ace your next language exam.

Master the Basics of 31 Languages in Four Easy Steps

Whether you're a world explorer or an armchair traveler, a language student or just brushing up before a trip, you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll learn with Berlitz Passport to 31 Languages. With this multimedia, multilingual talking dictionary and phrase book, you'll learn vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation in 31 world languages. You'll soon master useful language skills for travel, school, and everyday enjoyment.

1. Select It

Choose a Pair of Languages
To begin, just select your native language and the language you wish to learn. Choose from 7 different native languages and 31 different learning languages for a total of 210 possible combinations.

Navigate with Ease
From the Main Menu, you can move to any of five areas: Dictionary, Topics (Words and Phrases), Pronunciation, Grammar, and Travel. Return to this menu at any time to customize your session and practice skills at your own pace.

2. See It, Hear It

Select a Topic
Now, pick a topic that's relevant to your up coming travel experience, or one that supplements your classwork. You'll learn key vocabulary words by seeing pictures, reading words and hearing them pronounced.

Experience Words and Their Meaning
Using photographs of actual objects, printed text and translations, and readings from native speakers, you'll have plenty of practice with vocabulary and simple, useful phrases.

3. Say It

Start with Basics
It's easy to learn to pronounce letter sounds and simple words. As you practice, your pronunciation skills improve, along with your vocabulary.

Evaluate Your Pronunciation
Speech-recognition technology lets you mimic a native speaker. Hear and watch your skills progress from "Tourist" to "Native" in no time at all.

4. Learn It

Reinforce your Learning
A variety of activities make language learning fun and challenging.

Explore Culture and Customs
You can travel and learn about the countries of the world through engaging multimedia slide shows.


  • 31 Languages
  • 2,300 Words per Language
  • 250 Phrases per Language
  • Printable Word/Phrase Lists
  • Speech Recognition (Only in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and English
  • Online Dictionary
  • Learning Activities
  • Cultural & Travel Information
  • Record & Playback
Arabic Finnish Irish Gaelic Russian
Chinese French Italian Spanish
Czech German Japanese Swahili
Danish Greek Korean Swedish
Dutch Hebrew Norwegian Thai
English Hindi Polish Turkish
Estonian Hungarian Portuguese Vietnamese
Farsi Indonesian Romanian  

Requirements: Windows IBM compatibles, 486 DX/66 MHz or better, Windows 98 or Windows 95 (ONLY!) with 16MB RAM, 15 MB minimum hard drive requirement, 256 color SVGA, double speed CD-ROM drive, Windows compatible sound card, mouse.

We *don't* say that it works on Windows XP but this product can actually be made to run in Windows 95 compatibility mode (256 colors). However, it crashes each and every time you exit the program. You also need to install the program using Windows 95 compatibility mode.

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