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ZOOM 1503 A.D.
The new World
Sold Out (Win98.Me/2000/XP) (Mini Retail) (1503ADPR)

Publisher: Sunflowers / EA Games

- Violence


from Games Domain

Lay Claim to the New World

The New World is yours for the taking in this epic saga of adventure and discovery. Establish prosperous colonies and live in peace with your neighbors. Or expand your empire through military might and conquer entire civilizations. The power is yours to forge an empire of your own design.


Manage a Growing Empire - A unique blend of gameplay combines the intensity of real-time strategy with the depth of empire building.

Build A Thriving Colony - Brilliant graphics and detailed environments bring over 340 authentic 16th-century building to life, from churches to watchtowers to tobacco plantations.

Explore the World - Trade or war with nine different cultures, including Venetians, Aztecs, and Moors.

Experience Unlimited Action - Take advantage of endless gameplay in Single Scenario, Campaign, and Open-ended modes.

The New World is yours for the taking. How you go about that task is up to you.

Build through Power:

  • Rise to power by waging war against the superpowers of the 16th century.
  • Employ an assortment of siege equipment, and naval vessels to wage war on land or sea.
  • Command massive armies of swordsmen, archers, and musketeers.

Build through Peace:

  • Master the art of Diplomacy to grow your empire, forming military alliances and signing trade agreements.
  • Build, manage, and expand vast colonies, complete with castles, taverns, and marketplaces.
  • Harness natural resources by building farms, mines, and mills, to trade with your neighbors.


Windows 98/2000/Me/XP: 500 MHz (Intel Pentium II), 128 MB RAM, 930 MB hard drive space, 8X CD-ROM, 16MB 3D accelerator (DirectX 8.1 compatible), Sound Card (DirectX 8.1 compatible), Keyboard, Mouse.


Games Domain by Giles Bird

"This time around 1503 takes the action back 100 years. It ramps up the challenge a bit, cleans up the interface, and throws in a bit more military power. There's a lot more interaction with other cities, whether its peaceful trade or conquest. There's even a new tech tree that lets you spend knowledge gathered at schools and universities to unlock various advances. Most of these are military, although there are new levels of buildings that allow you to create more efficient production chains."

"There's something uniquely satisfying about taking a single boat and turning it into a sprawling city. Whether it's manifest destiny or just the lure of city building, it's something games have understood since the first SimCity, all the way up through Railroad Tycoon, Impressions' Caesar/Pharaoh/Zeus series, Tropico, and so forth. Although 1503 offers only a few modest innovations, it's still a solid example of how gratifying it is to spread your own civilization, whether it's this century or 500 years ago."

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