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ZOOM 10 for $20
Sold Out (Win 95/98) (Retail) (10FOR20PR)

Publisher: Electronic Arts

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10 Classic Games in One Pack:

Ultima Collection

The Ultima Collection is a history of the classic role-playing genre, all in one CD. Included are 10 games from the Ultima series, Ultima 1 (1980) through Ultima VII (1994), including Silver Seed and Forge of Virtue.

Dungeon Keeper

Create the foulest, dankest, most loathed slime pit in the kingdom and establish yourself as the master of all evil. Powerful magic, deadly traps and vicious monsters are your weapons against the hordes of heros who invade your lair seeking fortune and triumph of good over evil.

Sim Farm

In Sim Farm, Sim City's country cousin, you manage the day-to-day challenges of successfully building your own family farmstead. Really get down in the dirt as you control everything from your farm equipment and livestock to crop strategies and farm finances.

Sim City

A true classic in computer entertainment, Sim City dares you to design and build the city of your dreams. Sim City took the computer world by storm, stretched the bounds of entertainment software, and tore down the wall between fun and learning.

PGA Tour Gold

The only game featuring the incomparable Pebble Beach Golf Links. Play as or against 14 PGA Tour pros! PGA Tour Gold is fully compatible with all PGA Tour add-on course discs.

Fighter Pilot

In this fast and furious `close range' action flying game, you become the world's ultimate Fighter Pilot. Lock, load and destroy anything that gets in your way. Jump into head-to-head multiplayer action or play single player missions that grow more intense by the kill.

Need for Speed 2

Now you can pilot eight of the most exotic automobiles in the world! Greater customization, more challenges, and a new 3D engine lets you race super cars, super fast!

688(I) Hunter Killer

Master the sonar and weapons control systems, learn to develop real target solutions, and outfit your boat with the latest advanced weaponry. Then use your skills to complete the tour of duty, and earn your dolphins to become a true sub mariner.

NASCAR Revolution SE

NASCAR Revolution SE features the look, sound and feel of NASCAR racing whether you race against the computer or real human opponents. Hit the track quickly for a single race, or go deep into Championship mode and race for the Cup.

Deer Hunt Challenge SE

This game is about the challenge of the hunt, the strategy behind the kill, and the bragging rights for the mantel. Deer Hunt Challenge is the complete hunting experience that forces the hunter to think and use his experiences rather than rely on the gun barrel alone.


Windows 95/98: 200 MHz or faster Pentium, 32 MB RAM, 8x CD-ROM drive, 4 MB Direct 3D or Glide capable video card with DirectX 6 compatible driver, DirectX 6 compatible Sound Card, keyboard, mouse.

Free hard disk space required: 688(I) 112 MB, Deer Hunt Challenge SE 160 MB, Dungeon Keeper 65 MB, Fighter Pilot 85 MB, NASCAR Revolution SE 372 MB, Need for Speed II 10 MB, PGA Tour Gold 60 MB, Sim City 2 MB, Sim Farm 6 MB, Ultima Collection up to 80 MB.

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