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ZOOM 101 Languages of the World
$29.95 (Win95/98/2000/XP/NT 4.0/Mac) (Retail) (101LANGDR)

Transparent Language

Reference / Language

Learning To Speak Another Language Has Never Been Easier

Discover the World's Common and Uncommon Languages from Arabic to Zulu...

Learning to speak another language has never been easier, quicker or more fun. Right from the start learners of any level—even complete beginners—can start using a foreign language with this unique learning system. Languages of the World teaches you to use real language, in context, using the widest variety of interactive activities available from any multi-language learning product today.

Learning is as Easy as One, Two, Three!

1. Tune your ear and build your comprehension with Languages of the World's many games and listening activities,

2. Perfect Your Speaking Skill with the most advanced pronunciation analysis available,

3. Participate in Real Dialogs to Learn to Speak Like a Native

101 Languages of the World — Our easy-to-use interface puts all the tools on one screen. Begin your adventure with interactive dialogs and everyday conversations. When you come across something you don't understand, simply glance at a help window to get the meaning...then continue without losing your train of thought


  • 140,000 words and 25,000 phrases (That's up to 5,000 words and 100's of sentences per language!).
  • Fully Integrated native Speaker sound for every word and sentence.
  • Advanced speech analysis to speak like a native.
  • Record, Playback, and Compare. Interactive Games.
  • Listen & Speak activities.
  • Personal Progress Tracking.
  • SlowSound to develop listening skills.
  • And Much More!... .

Languages of the World also includes a FREE Multilingual word processor: Unitype GlobalWriter – The most complete available. Type in over 100 languages; spell checking, thesauruses, character sets, and more!

Transparent Method Languages:
Spanish Czech Irish Slovene
French Danish Korean* Somali
German Dutch Latin Sotho
Italian English for Spanish Speakers Latvian Swahili
Japanese* Esperanto Lithuanian Swedish
Chinese* Estonian Luganda Tagalog
Afrikaans Farsi* Luxembourgish Tahitian
Albanian Finnish Malagasy Thai*
Arabic* Flemish Malay Tswana
Azerbaijani Galician Norwegian Turkish
Basque Greek* Pidgin English Ukrainian
Belorussian Guarani Polish Urdu*
Bengali* Haitian Creole Portuguese, European Vietnamese
Brazilian Portuguese Hawaiian Quechua Welsh
Breton Hebrew* Romanian Wolof
Bulgarian Hindi* Russian Xhosa
Canadian French Hungarian Scottish Gaelic Yiddish*
Catalan Icelandic Serbian Yoruba
Croatian Indonesian Slovak Zulu

*Some languages normally use character sets different from English. To simplify the new learner's task, Languages of the World presents these languages using the Latin alphabet, as in English. Transliterated texts represent the sounds of the foreign language in a way that is more easliy recognizable to English speakers.

In addition to providing full support for 76 languages, Languages of the World also includes Vocabulary of the World—a revolutionary flashcard program that lets learners quickly build vocabulary in any of 25 additional world languages.

Vocabulary of the World Languages
Asturian Aymara Bemba Blackfoot Cebuano
Chamorro Cornish Ecuadorian Quechua Tongan Faroese
Frisian Inuktitut Kongo Macedonian Maori
Maya Mohawk Nahuatl Papago Provencal
Romany Romansch Ruanda Samoan Shona
Sepedi Sicilian Sorbian Swazi  

Vocabulary of the World — Contains word lists of more than 750 key words in each of 25 languages. Select a language, and with just a click of your mouse you'll have a collection of electronic flashcards for review. It'll even give you extra practice on the words you're having trouble with.


Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP/NT 4.0: Service pack 5 or higher; Pentium (or better); 32MB RAM; 60MB disk space; sound card; speakers; VGA monitor with support for High Color or True Color settings and at least 800 X 600 resolution; 2X CD-ROM drive; Microphone required for recording; Browser and Internet connection required to link to online resources

Macintosh:System 8.6 (or better); Power PC or better processor; 32MB RAM available; 60MB disk space; Monitor with support for the Thousands of Colors settings and at least 800 X 600 resolution; 2X CD-ROM drive; Microphone required for recording; Browser and Internet connection required to link to online resources


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