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ZOOM 1,001 Hikes
In North America
$9.95 (Win95/98/2K/Me/XP) (Retail) (1001HIKEPR)

Publisher: TOPICS Entertainment

Reference / Hiking

Start Your Hiking Career Here....

From the craggy, purple-layered peaks of Colorado's Maroon Bells to the sterling waters and surrounding forest-topped hills of Washington's Snow Lake, 1,001 Hikes takes you on an invigorating journey to the most brilliant snow-capped summits, unfolding valleys, alpine expanses, and tumbling waterfalls of North America.

Whether you're interested in a 3-mile jaunt, a moderate 8-mile hike, a challenging 20-mile backpacking exploration, or a captivating trail to enjoy with your children, this all-inclusive CD-ROM provides you with detailed directions and maps, trail mileage, elevation gain, level of difficulty, estimated time, and favorable seasons for over 1,000 classic trails. From the leading publisher of outdoor-related titles, The Mountaineers Books, each hiking entry is narrated by seasoned backpackers and outdoorsmen - including tips, historical anecdotes, and descriptive photos that will inspire outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels.


18 of America's most scenic regions: Washington, California, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon and more

Extensive guides and maps for the most popular mountain ranges in the US: Cascades, Sierra Nevadas, Rockies, Smokies and Adirondacks

Featuring Hikes from 13 Different Books

  • Washington:With Alpine meadows and ancient forests, glaciers and volcanoes, Washington offers diversity and beauty. 100 Hikes
  • Colorado: Geographically diverse, Colorado is defined by its lofty peaks, offering some of the best hikes in the nation. 100 Hikes
  • Arizona: From sea-level desert to prehistoric cliff dwellings, Arizona offers some of the greatest landscapes and terrain found on the continent. 100 Hikes
  • Northern California:Sand dunes, lakes and windswept mountains await hikers both experienced and novice. 100 Hikes
  • Shenandoah National Park: At almost 200,000 acres, be it mountainous quartz outcroppings or raging trout-filled streams, Shenandoah possesses numerous inviting trails. 75 Hikes
  • Utah: Featuring everything from salt flats to snow caps, Utah provides astonishing variety for hikers. 100 Hikes
  • New Mexico: Abundant mountains provide a wide diversity of hiking experiences, from lava tubes to petroglyphs. 100 Hikes
  • Oregon: With its vast array of beaches, forests, deserts, canyons, and mountain ranges, Oregon offers hikers unlimited possibilities for both high-country and low-elevation treks. 100 Hikes
  • California's Central Sierra and Coast Range: Thunderous waterfalls and breathtaking vistas await on the legendary expanses of the Central Sierra and Coast Range. 100 Hikes

Best Hikes With Children

  • Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine: From dramatic falls to sparkling beach sands and mysterious caves, these east coast regions include numerous exciting hikes kids are sure to enjoy. 45 Hikes
  • Connecticut, Massachusetts & Rhode Island: Caves and castles accentuate just a couple of the inspiring trails found in these regions. 46 Hikes
  • Catskills & Hudson River Valley: Short outdoor excursions, all located within 2.5 hours of New York City, provide the most kid-friendly jaunts the Empire State has to offer. 51 Hikes
  • Michigan: Abundant with turquoise waters and thundering cascades, Michigan is overflowing with a variety of trails. 25 Hikes


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