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ZOOM Food Chain
$14.95 (Mac) (Jewel Case) (FOODCHMJ)

Publisher: Cajun Games

Game: Arcade

ESRB Rating: Everyone - Mild animated violence

Game of Predator and Prey

Food Chain is a strategy-board game based on the delicate balance of nature, where creatures must eat one another in order to survive. You control the fate of the creatures in this turn-based game of predator and prey by deciding who will eat and who will be eaten. Easy to learn, but difficult to master. Food Chain will keep you coming back for more.


  • Filled with lively animation consisting of over 1500 hand drawn cartoon frames
  • Lots of great sound effects
  • Addictive, thought-inducing game play
  • Low system requirements, so you can play it while doing tasks in the background, such as downloading from the Internet
  • Fun for all ages.

Added bonus: includes over 25 of our favorite shareware games.


A long time ago, when the world was still a harsh and savage place, there roamed creatures so strange that we would hardly recognize them today. Food was scarce, and these creatures had to depend on each other for survival. They were constantly on the lookout for predators, and in the blink of an eye even a predator could become prey. What may seem brutal and cruel to us was the natural way of life for these creatures, and all life depended on this delicate balance of nature, or Food Chain.

The oceans were dominated by sea serpents called Seaosaurs who could swim more powerfully than any other creature. As food in the water became scarcer. Seaosaurs were forced to come on land to find food, and they soon evolved into amphibious creatures, able to live both in water and on land. Because they still possessed great speed, Seaosaurs developed a strategy of hiding in the water and lunging onto land, capturing their prey in a split second.

One creature the Seaosaur loved to eat was the Hovenboof, an omnivorous creature able to eat both animals and plants. Although they preferred the taste of meat, Hovenboofs were able to survive by eating grass if they had to. This allowed them to survive even when their primary food source was very low.

Hovenboofs' favorite meal consisted of Yug Yugs, simple-minded creatures who tended to eat first and think later. They didn't care about much else besides food, and they didn't mind eating one of their own kind if food was scarce. Yug Yugs represented the beginning of civilization, and had simple tools for hunting. They made fairly easy targets for Hovenboofs because they were so dim-witted and slow.

Magmaraptors ruled the skies, attacking their prey from above without warning, and they had a special taste for Seaosaurs. Magmaraptors' only predators were Yug Yugs, who hunted them with spears. Magmaraptors had excellent vision and were able to see their prey at great distances. This helped them survive even if there was no prey nearby.


The objective of Food Chain is to score as many points as possible, by causing creatures to eat each other, while avoiding creature extinction and overpopulation. The best way to gain points is to try to build as many sequences of eatings, or chain eatings, as you can. Once you get practice, you can build longer and longer chains for some really big points. Building a chain takes strategy, however, and it helps to plan out your chain carefully. A chain eating that includes each creature eating its main prey is called a complete chain and earns the best bonus.

In addition to gaining points, there are certain things you have to watch out for that will cause the game to come to an abrupt end. Extinction poses a constant threat toward the creatures of Food Chain. A creature becomes extinct when there are no longer any of that creature on the board. Creatures may suddenly go extinct if the last remaining survivor is eaten or starves to death, so try to keep on eye on any creatures that there may be only one or two of.

Another treat to your creatures is overpopulation. This happens when the board becomes so full that there are no empty squares left.

Requirements: Mac OS compatible computer with 68040 processor or higher, System 7.1.2 or later, 5MB free RAM, 9MB free hard disk space, CD-ROM drive.

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