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Instructional for Macintosh

101 Languages of the World - Transparent - $29.95

Discover the World's Common and Uncommon Languages from Arabic to Zulu...

Arabic Deluxe - Laser Publishing - $19.95

Language Learning Arabic Deluxe (2-CD Set) version contains one computer CD-ROM and one digital audio CD

Chinese Character Tutor - Softkey - $12.95

The fastest way to learn to read, write and speak Mandarin.

English Builder Deluxe - Laser Publishing - $19.95

This self-paced, self-taught CBT system will let you master English grammar and vocabulary easily and quickly.

English Grammar Builder - Laser Publishing - $14.95

A witty and interactive approach to help you write and speak with greater clarity and confidence.

Follow Me Chinese - Laser Publishing Group - $29.95

Designed to help children, adults, native speakers and non-native speakers learn Chinese reading and writing quickly and systematically.

Global Language Series - EuroTalk Interactive - $12.95 each

If you've mastered beginning language skills or if you are an intermediate level speaker, the Global language series is for you. Languages: American English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish

Instant Immersion 18 Languages - Topics - $14.95

18 native tongues making up Instant Immersion™ 18 Languages, your only dilemma is deciding which language you want to speak first!

Instant Immersion 33 Languages - Topics - $49.95

User-friendly instruction for 33 languages, each on its own CD-ROM!

Instant Immersion Arabic - Topics - $12.95

The Instant Immersion Arabic package is guaranteed to be the best method for learning to speak Arabic quickly!

Instant Immersion Chinese - Topics - $19.95

Instant Immersion™ Chinese offers beginning and intermediate-level lessons in Mandarin and Cantonese by providing a solid basis of language fundamentals and reinforcement through games, quizzes, and printable CD-ROM features.

Instant Immersion: English - Topics - $12.95

The Instant Immersion method provides interactive lessons that truly immerse you into the language.

Instant Immersion: Hawaiian - Topics - $19.95

An approach to Hawaiian language learning as fresh as a Maui breeze!

Instant Immersion Hebrew - Topics - $12.95

Our Instant Immersion method provides interactive lessons that truly immerse you into the language.

Instant Immersion Italian- Topics - $12.95

Talk Now and World Talk will have you speaking italian faster than any other language-learning software on the market.

Instant Immersion Language Starter for Kids - Topics - $24.95

Ages 3 to 10. The best way to start your child speaking a foreign language. French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Instant Immersion: Portuguese - TOPICS - $12.95

Speak Portuguese step-by-step from a beginner to an intermediate speaker.

Instant Immersion: Russian - TOPICS - $12.95

The Instant Immersion method provides interactive lessons that truly immerse you into the language.

Instant Immersion Spanish Advanced - Topics - $14.95

If you're looking for an outrageously animated way to continue your advanced Spanish studies, may we say that you've got a lot of Gaul - specifically, the Gaulish rebels from the international comic book sensation Asterix.

Language Learning Special Edition - Laser Publishing - $19.95 each

Learn to understand, read and speak: English, German, Japanese, Latin SE, Polish, Spanish SE, and Tagalog. Includes a companion digital audio CD.

Languages of the World series - Transparent - $12.95 each

Greek, Hebrew, or Vietnamese

Learn Now! v8 Deluxe - Transparent - $19.95 each

Chinese, Dutch,French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian, or Spanish

Learn Italian Now! v9 Deluxe - Transparent - $19.95

You'll participate in real conversations, read interesting articles, and watch intriguing videos from Italian other Italian speaking countries.

Learn German Now! v7 - Transparent Language - $12.95

Right away you'll find yourself in a compelling, interactive environment where learning authentic German is made easy.

Learn to Speak (v.6) series: English or Spanish - The Learning Company - $9.95 each

This highly interactive, self-paced language program will have you speaking and understanding everyday words and phrases in no time.

Rosetta Stone Explorer - Fairfield - $12.95 each

Danish and Turkish. The program that adapts to your individual learning style.

Talk Now! - EuroTalk Interactive - $12.95 each

American English, Arabic, Cantonese, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, or Vietnamese

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