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Art History for Macintosh

Ages of Evolution in Art & Music - Zane Publishing - $28.95

Contains: Art & Music - The Medieval Era, The Rennaisance, The Baroque, and The Eighteenth Century.

Art & Music: The 18th Century - Zane Publishing - $ 8.95

Visual and musical sequences illustrate the turbulent years of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Empire.

Art & Music: The 20th Century - Zane Publishing - $8.95

The revolutionary developments in art and music that occurred at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Art & Music: The Baroque - Zane Publishing - $8.95

Parallel the heightened emotions portrayed in Baroque art to the operatic aria, which debuted in this historic era.

Art & Music: Impressionsism - Zane Publishing - $8.95

Visual and musical sequences reveal the spontaneity and shimmering immediacy of Impressionsim.

Art & Music: The Medieval Era - Zane Publishing - $9.95

Journey back to the Medieval era in western Europe, where you'll explore the historical influences and religious developments of the Middle Ages.

Art & Music: Renaissance - Zane Publishing - $9.95

See how Renaissance artists and composers developed new forms and techniques form painting with oils to four-part polyphony.

Art & Music: Romanticism - Zane Publishing - $8.95

Witness the intensity of Romanticism.

Art & Music: Surrealism - Zane Publishing - $ 9.95

Learn why surrealism developed following the devestation of World War I

Artrageous - Softkey - $19.95

Inside ArtRageous! are six fully interactive virtual worlds that let you experiment with color, light, perspective, composition, and more.

History Through Art: Middle Ages - Zane Publishing - $ 8.95

(1 AD - 1450) Travel back to the time of the Crusades and troubadours.

History Through Art: Baroque - Zane Publishing - $ 8.95

(1545+) Discover an era of world exploration.

History Through Art: Pre-Modern - Zane Publishing - $ 8.95

(1845-1900) Discover the impact of the advances in engineering and technology.

History Through Art: Renaissance - Zane - $8.95

Learn the reasons why Leonardo da Vinci best embodied the ideals of the Renaissance.

A Love of Art - Countertop - $19.95

The Claude Monet Collection, Starry Night, ScruTiny in the Great Round, Painters Painting, and Art & Music: The Twentieth Century.

Painters Painting - Voyager - $ 29.95

Emile de Antonio's collective protrait of the legendary figures of the post-war New York art scene. See A Love of Art

Virtual Art Museum - JC Research - $22.95

Contains: The Renaissance, Romanticism, The Pre Modern Era and The 20th Century.

Entire Contents ©1993-2000, Inc.