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Other General Titles for Macintosh

The Art of Palmistry - Arc Media - $9.95

Ever pondered the lines on your palms - what portend for the future?

Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Celebrations - Multicom - $ 12.95

More than 100 projects and recipes to brighten your holidays!

Cigar Companion Interactive - InRoads - $4.95

The definitive digital guide for all cigar smokers

Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover: Style Pack 1 - SegaSoft - $14.95

Fantastic new options complement the original Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover CD.

Cyber Patrol - The Learning Company - $14.95

Protect your kids online with the #1 Internet filtering software.

Cyber Tarot - Multicom Publishing - $ 14.95

Discover the secrets of your past, present and future. Developed by Douglas Rushkoff.

Easy Bass - Arc Media - $9.95

Covers all the basics a beginner needs to know.

Easy Drums - Arc Media - $9.95

Easy-to-follow video demonstrations.

Easy Guitar - Arc Media - $9.95

Choose from basic or advanced lessons.

Encyclopedia of US Postage Stamps - Zane Publishing - $ 8.95

Discover the history of every American stamp. More than 2,600 color illustrations.

Family Gathering - Palladium - $14.95/$18.95

A smart, powerful genealogy program that puts a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Funny - Warner New Media - $ 8.95

"I love the one about the three Birtish Explorers who...."

How To Play Piano - Harmonica Music - $24.95

Lesson includes: 15 easy songs, video and audio, diagrams, chords, and left and right hands.

In Focus: The Guide to Better Photography - InRoads - $4.95

Based on The New 35mm Handbook, a best-selling photography book by Michael Freeman.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 5 - Mindscape - $18.95

It's the proven, effective way to learn and improve keyboard skills.

Multimedia Guns - InRoads Interactive - $14.95

Multimedia Guns features over 250 guns, optics and accessories with professional photography, articles, technical information and graphics.

Paper Art 2: Gift Wrapping - Arc Media - $ 14.95

Even a simple gift, thoughtfully presented, can bring a special joy to the recipient.

QRZ! Ham Radio - Walnut Creek

Callsign Data Base. Over one million listings, worldwide.

Sailboat Registry vol. I - Arc Media - $ 14.95

Features the full range of new models.

Starsites: Ancient Buildings Connecting Earth and Sky - DNA Multimedia - $14.95

Begin to understand how ancient civilizations used their observations of the stars, sun and planets.

Tarot Magic - Visionary Networks - $29.95

Tarot Magic includes 10 beautiful decks representing classical Tarot at its finest.

The UFO Anthology - Dreamland - $18.95

Discover the real truth behind UFOs.

Yoga Secrets- Arc Media - $12.95

Exercises for body and soul. Learn techniques through video instruction.

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