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Games for Macintosh

Answer This! Whales & Dolphins - Tivola - $19.95

Ages 8 and up. Loaded with more than 600 questions and a specialized dictionary to help you out of a pinch, this quiz game offers the right balance between knowledge and fun!

Backyard Baseball 2001 - Humoungous Entertainment - $19.95

Ages 5 to 10. Backyard Baseball 2001 teams up the Backyard Kids with Major League Baseball players, as kids, for the ultimate Backyard game.

Backyard Baseball 2003 - Humoungous - $19.95

Ages 7 and up. Think you have what is takes to create a winning baseball team? Here's your chance to find out!

Backyard Basketball - Humongous Entertainment - $9.95

Ages 7 and up. It's action-packed sports games with kid versions of real-life pros.

Backyard Football 2002 - Humongous - $19.95

Ages 7 and up. Create your own football team and pick players from the Backyard Kids and 10 kid-versions of real NFL players.

Backyard Soccer - Humongous - $14.95

Ages 5 to 10. Click and kick your way to the world title.

Backyard Soccer MLS Edition - Humongous - $19.95

Ages 5 to 10. The Backyard kids are back and this season they team-up with Major League Soccer TM and U.S. Women stars to bring real-life pros to the neighborhood soccer filed!

Backyard Soccer 2004 - Humongous - $19.95

Ages 7 and up. Think you have what is takes to create a winning soccer team? Here's your chance to find out!

Backyard Sports Three Pack - Humongous - $19.95

Big-league action made just for kids! Backyard Baseball, Football and Soccer.

Bioscopia - Tivola - $19.95

"A lost world, recently found, biology over and underground
A mystery superbly rendered, quality engendered,
As you move from room to room, silent as any tomb
Encounter technology radical, creatures robotic and mechanical
You come to a realization, this is no hallucination
Not some twisted Utopia, this is Bioscopia… "

Castle Explorer - DK Multimedia - $9.95

Ages 9 and up. A medieval learning adventure featuring the acclaimed illustrations of Stephen Biesty.

Chemicus: Journey to the Other Side - Tivola - $19.95

Journey to this virtual world in chaos and enter, if you dare, the amazing city of Chemicus. You must search, You must explore, You must experiment!

ClueFinders Search & Solve Adventures - TLC - $14.95

Ages 9 to 12. You’ll need all the nerve, wits, and problem-solving smarts you can muster to crack this creepy case!

Deadly Chocolate - Tivola - $14.95

Ages 8 and up. The blackmailers are threatening to poison all the chocolate being made at the Sourby factory. Who could have a motive?

Elroy's Costume Closet - Headbone - $14.95

Join Elroy and Syd in a majestic theater full of costumes, magic and fun.

Floating, Fluttering, Flying Machines - Tivola - $19.95

Ages 8 and up. Little do Nick and Charly realize when they lose their kite by the airport, that they'll soon be building their own plane.

Garfield's Mad About Cats - Brighter Child - $14.95

Ages 6 and up. Help Garfield and Odie build the world's most perfect cat!

Hades Challenge - Disney - $14.95

Ages 8 and up. A game of strategy and adventure set in the ancient world of Greek mythology.

Hunchback of Notre Dame Hot Shots - Disney

Choose one of two games: Djali Bowling or Upsy Daisy.- $ 8.95 each

The Incredible Toon Machine - Sierra On-Line - $ 14.95

Ages 6 and up. The game that's a cross between Saturday morning cartoons and a creative puzzle game.

I Spy - Scholastic - $18.95

Ages 5 to 9. Based on the award-winning and best-selling I Spy book series.

I Spy Fantasy - Scholastic - $14.95

Ages 6 to 10. Search for lost treasures beneath the sea, command a mission on an alien planet, or invade a castle to defeat the dragon and rescue the princess.

I Spy Spooky Mansion - Scholastic - $14.95

Ages 6 to 10. I Spy Spooky Mansion invites you on a journey through a mysterious, old house filled with lots of fun activities.

I Spy Spooky Mansion Deluxe - Scholastic - $22.95

Ages 6 to 10. There's no turning back once you enter this mysterious old house. Solve riddles and play games to reveal three thrilling ways out.

I Spy Treasure Hunt - Scholastic - $19.95

Ages 6 to 10. Embark on an adventure to Smuggler's Cove, a community bursting with pirate history, elusive clues, and spectacular treasures.

Jennifer Is Missing - Tivola - $9.95

Ages 8 and up. Gather clues! Interrogate witnesses! Crack the secret code! Follow the leads!

Knowledge Munchers - Learning Company - $9.95

Ages 6-10. Formerly Trivia Munchers Deluxe. Covers Science, Geography, Music, Animal Kingdom, History, Astronomy, Health & Diet and Popular Culture.

Lion King Hot Shots - Disney - $8.95 each

The ultimate arcade games: Burper, Hippo Hop or Slingshooter

Physicus - Tivola - $19.95

Ages 10 and up. Your planet has stopped rotating around its own axis and now it is in real danger!

Rescue Heroes: Hurricane Havoc - Fisher Price - $14.95

Ages 4 to 7. Realistic emergency situations, awesome rescue vehicles and action-oriented activities give your young hero a new adventure every time.

Spy Fox "Operation Ozone" - Humongous - $9.95/$19.95

Ages 7+. The master spy returns in an extra hairy mission.

Spy Kids Adventures: The Anti-Gravity Agenda - Brighter Kids - $19.95

Ages 7 to 10. Includes the individual titles, The Underground Affair, and The Man in the Moon.

Spy Kids: Mega Mission Zone - Disney - $14.95

The original Spy Kids, Carmen and Juni are on a secret mission to find a new Spy Kid Recruit to join them in protecting the World.

Star Wars Pit Droids - Lucas Learning - $19.95

Guide these manic mechanics through mind-bending mazes and puzzles as you race through Tatooine's treacherous environments.

Treasure Planet Collection - Disney - $14.95

In ''Treasure Planet'' Training Academy, join Jim Hawkins as he enters the Royal Navy Academy, and help him with three exciting missions!

Trivia Munchers Deluxe - MECC - $ 12.95

Ages 8 to 14. General Knowledge. 3,200 questions in 74 categories.

Uncle Albert's Magical Album - VTech - $14.95

Ages 9 and up. An award-winning game of logic, science and mystery.

Victor Vector & Yondo: The Last Dinosaur Egg - Sanctuary Woods - $8.95

Ages 8 and up. Travel through time to recover unique items for this futuristic museum's collection.

Villains' Revenge - Disney - $14.95

Ages 8 and up. Match wits with classic Disney villains in an epic battle between good and evil.

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